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Anxiety about HMUA

I am having an extremely hard time choosing a hair and makeup artist. I have narrowed it down to Francesca, Amelia C or Leila. I also loved Lori White's pics but I didnt hear back. Anyway...I love makeup and want to look full on glam, but soft and romantic for hair, think non traditional. I guess my biggest concern is that because I am just me, not a huge party, they will cancel on me for a larger gig. Anyone else have this problem? For those, who already made the decision, how did you choose or have any advice on these vendors. I have read the reviews of course, and they're all great. I guess I am just looking for some more personal insight on how you think these vendors are for non-traditional hair. Thanks!

Re: Anxiety about HMUA

  • I have Amelia C on my facebook, Cost factor was the reason I didn't go with them and went with Harmony, Amelia C did seem warm and welcoming....I think all stylists in Vegas are used to every size of party groups.
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  • Hmmm I should check out their facebook. Thanks for the tip. Harmony never responded to me either but I liked her work. Your Beauty Call also looked interesting but I was kind of turned off because they seem more interested in theor work with celebrities on their web site and sites.
  • Leila turned up for just my trial in September, on my wedding day for mum and I and once again for just me the next day. She was always on time and never canceled for a "bigger gig". I also love that she has an agency so if anything happened to her, the portfolio of artists in her agency are amazing!

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  • Missmo...you were the one who originally turned me on to leila! Lol! I do like that she is part of a larger group, as is Amelia C. I just don't know how to pick.
  • Sounds like we are both going for the same look! I also have harmony booked. I would suggest giving her another try? Have you emailed her or tried giving her a call? Best of luck! HMU is a big deal and you should have someone whose work you love :)
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  • ssteele04ssteele04 member
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    yes! i would suggest finding Harmony on facebook, i know that she didn't receive my message thru her website, i had to post a comment on her page and she was so very sorry that she didn't receive it! I have been messaging her on facebook, i know that a few weeks ago i didn't hear from her for about a week and posted here and i waited 24 hours and she responded, but i just messaged her today via facebook and she responded immediately...the cool factor about Facebook is you can see when they read it:)
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  • Thabks guys! I am going to do exactly that! :-)
  • Francesca Francesca Francesca ! She was absolutely amazing! I feel I looked the best I ever have. I'm a huge makeup fan and this was by far the hardest decision I made out of all the planning. She exceeded my expectations more than I can tell you. She is so kind and has just an amazing energy about her! Also it was just me so no worries on the bigger party thing!
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  • I am another vote for Harmony, she was so great for my wedding day! I have absolutely zero complaints. And she definitely wouldn't cancel on you, I'll put it in my reviews (which should be up in a couple days) but she had some crazy stuff going on in her life for my impromptu spray tan in February and she still came to do it! She is just an amazing person all around! :)
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  • @thesepinkdays Francesca? Is that the name of the company??
  • @jayjaay Francesca is actually Bobbie pin beauty
  • jayjaayjayjaay member
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    I went w/ Canyon Falls - Most reasonably priced -for two different events
  • New name for me. I will have to look them up. Thanks!
  • Hi Rose-  just got back from our scouting trip in Vegas. I had never had airbrushed makeup before and wasn't sure I wanted to do professional makeup at all but I decided to try it.  I loved it. I'm an older bride and even my wrinkly skin looked great all day/night.  I felt beautiful!

     I hired a team of two women and they came to my room.  Only took 30 minutes,  I was shocked how fast they were, one did my make up and the other my hair.   They really cared about what I thought and had wonderful suggestions for what looked best on me.  (I have no clue about some of this stuff). 

    Here's their website http://www.perfecthairandmakeup.com/   

    They're doing me and my adult daughter on my wedding day, I'm thinking about having them do another look for me the day before for the welcome dinner too it was so much fun!      I know we're date twins this team could probably do all three of us in one morning no problem. 
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  • kazzykazzy member
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    I just wanted to pop in and say you might want to try Lori again -- she just got married herself and may have gotten behind on email! 

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  • Oh Kris!!! Thanks for the suggestion! I hope your scouting trip was fabulous!!
    Thanks @kazzy! I will definently reach out to Lori again too.
  • So kris I'm dying to know how the trip went! Did you make any decisions?
  • Rose- no decisions yet!  There are so many choices!  It's pretty overwhelming.    We got a lot done but now that I'm home I keep thinking of other things/places we should have checked out.   We are a lot closer in some ways but in others now that I know of all of the other options I feel like I'm farter away from a choice. I was pretty set on The Hotel (soon to be Delano) and Mandalay Bay for the hotel but we're now looking at a dinner/show combo for the welcome activity the night before the wedding but that's way up the strip at Treasure Island and the ceremony is at Bellagio which is up that way too, so now I'm thinking about staying at a different hotel.  But I'm very hesitant to book a block of rooms at a hotel that I've never stayed at before. 
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  • @krislsmiley what hotels are you considering staying at? I'm sure someone here has stayed at one of your options. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and loved it!
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  • @shoebunnie, great idea! I'll start a new discussion and ask for input.
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
  • I used Harmony for engagement photos, and was really happy with the experience! I'm going to book her for my wedding too.
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