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Transportation for bachelorette party

Are cabs the best way to do this? 

Re: Transportation for bachelorette party

  • how many people are in your group?
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  • but we don't want to pay $80 an hour while we are at dinner and then hanging at freemont street.   Is it a pain to get a cab?  we are staying at the Aria.
  • You won't have issues with finding/acquiring cabs at either location, but you will need to take several to/from each destination.
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  • is it expensive?
  • From Aria to Fremont? According to it's about $23 each way. Split that between 4-5 per cab - really not that bad.
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  • I paid $30 from the Cosmopolitan to downtown (licence bureau), it's so hard to know of they are ripping you off or not,I should of asked on this board how much to expect beforehand. It's the same from the airport to the strip.
  • yes, you'll need a few cabs, minivans can fit up to 5 but sometimes you have to wait long for those if there aren't any in the cab line.

    you could also see if Aria has a limo that could take you one way and settle on a price before you go.  you figure at least 4 or so cabs at $20-$25 a pop, might just be easier to pay the hotel limo $100 to take all of you.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • Cabbies won't let you put more peeps in than there are seatbelts so definitely need a caravan cab to get the best value, but you're still looking at three cabs regardless, so if you can find a decent size limo at the resort I'd go that route like ktbabe mentioned.  They're usually lenient on stuffing a ton of people in, although 15 might be pushing it lol.

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    Aria use's AWG and it is $120 for a 8 person limo. They don't own any limo's. I would look and see f you can find a shuttle one way. 
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  • I've used AWG for several things (H's 30th, caravan to the wedding site from the hotel, shuttle for guests), and have always been pleased with them, and their 16 person party bus (what we used for H's 30th bday) would be good for your group.  If you only need to be taken there and returned they'll let you do 2 reservations, one to take you Aria-Fremont and one to take you Fremont-Aria, I think that was like $140/hr with the taxes and gratuity, so you'd be looking at $280ish total (one hour minimums) which isn't much more than all the cabs your group would need, downside is you have to have a reasonably firm time to return so you don't get charged for an extra hour of wait time.

    I've always found cabs to limit you to 4 people even in a mini van b/c of a dumb law (that I guarantee you the cab lobby got put in place) so while a driver may let you I wouldn't count on it.  I've not spent much time at Fremont though so it may be more lax over there, and the cab lines may be more reasonable.
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