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Cosmo Terrace Suite vs Wraparound?

Hi all. My husband and I have already reserved 2 nights in the Cosmo Wraparound Suite for our in-suite wedding and reception. The total cost for the room was $1650, which is more than half our wedding budget, but I reasoned that it was acceptable since the views would be worth it. However, today I was looking up some info about the room on different message boards, and it sounds like our getting a good view on a major holiday weekend is pretty slim. We're not willing to spend even more money upon check-in, so now I'm questioning whether or not we should just move to a regular Terrace Suite, which has a guaranteed fountain view. Has anyone had their in-suite reception in a regular Terrace Suite? If so, how many people did it hold (we'll have 25 guests). Or would we be better off sticking with the wraparound? Thanks!

Re: Cosmo Terrace Suite vs Wraparound?

  • We had our reception in a wrap around last weekend and it was perfect! There is seating for about 14. The terrace is phenomenal. We did not have a fountain view but we loved it regardless. Our room was over the pool so we had free concerts every night including Foster the People on Friday night. Our meet and greet ended up relocating to our suite to listen to the music. I personally feel the terrace suite might be a bit too tight for 25 people but someone else might have more insight for you.
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    25 people in a Terrace will likely be pretty tight. Even for a Wraparound, depending who you talk to, it can be tight. 

    At check in, see if a little bit of a tip will grease the wheels for a better view on the Wraparound. Mention it's your wedding weekend (but not that you are having a party in the suite!) and see if that helps. Google "$20 Trick" for tips on how to pull it off. If they can't accommodate they (may) upgrade you or you could ask for a Terrace suite with a view and downgrade if it's really that important. I had a non Bellagio fountain view when I stayed at Cosmo last time and I still thought it was fantastic. 

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  • We stayed in a wraparound suite last October for six nights. When we checked in I said that we were getting married and hoped to have a view of the fountains and strip as we were going to take photos in the suite.  They advised that we had a non-fountain view but for an extra $20 per night we could upgrade to fountain view.  We paid as as it was still cheaper doing it that way than paying for a fountain view straight up.

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    I stayed in a fountain suite terrace suite for the week of my wedding, I don't think I'd choose it for an in suite. We had eleven of us (unplanned) in the suite for an hour for the 4th July fireworks. There was plenty of room on the terrace and in the living area for 11 and it was fine for such an ad hoc occasion but for 25 guests plus food, drinks etc I think I'd stick with the wraparound for the added space. In the terrace suite there was enough seating for 11 of us if it had been required but it's not the best set up as you would be at either sides of the room using the turquoise couch and tan leather couch at the opposite side. It depends what your plans are for the in suite with regards to dancing, food etc.
  • I had the wraparound for our wedding, and 25 would be a good fit for it, I've not been in the smaller rooms but I'd think it'd be tight- another big plus to the wraparound is the 2 bathrooms.  25 people drinking with one toilet might spell trouble.

    The $20 trick is worth a try, and absolutely mention it is your wedding- they upgraded me to the fountain view without the $20 trick when I mentioned that, but I also have a local ID which helps out for things like that so I'm not sure which carried more weight getting the upgrade.  Also watch the room rate, I don't know how close you are but if it drops book another reservation and cancel the first.  Last thing is Cosmo is owned by Marriott, so you can book on their website and they offer AAA discounts if you're a member, I booked there initially and rebooked there a month later when the rate dropped a bit.
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    Just to say there's two bathrooms in the terrace suite but one is off the bedroom, perhaps there are 3 altogether in the wraparound I'm not sure.
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