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10 days out - to tent and heat or not?

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Hello ladies! Here are my details: I am getting married in 10 days on Friday, May 9 here. My ceremony is outdoors near a garden, cocktail hour is on the patio which connects to a rustic barn, and the reception is in the barn. CURRENTLY the forecast has a 50% chance of rain and lows around 48* that evening (with a 7:50pm sunset and we are having a 5:30pm ceremony). I have until Monday to make an unchangeable (and super expensive) tent and heater decision. We cannot  have everything in the barn, it's not big enough, and we cannot move our ceremony off site. 

We can:
- Have our ceremony inside the barn and tent the patio for cocktail hour (while the space is flipped). Although we'd be dropping $1k on the tent and heaters and keep the reception in the barn. 
- Rent those industrial heaters for the ceremony area (barring no rain) to fight the temps. Has anyone used them and do you know if they could be moved during cocktail hour to keep the patio warm?
- Rent those industrial heaters for the patio tent or not tent ($50 each - any one have any ideas on how many we'd need?)

And maybe we can do other things that I can't seem to think of because my brain is fried.

So my overall question is: what did former brides in similar situations do?

Re: 10 days out - to tent and heat or not?

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