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To Tent or Not To Tent...

Hey all!

Just starting to wedding plan and I am wondering what your thoughts are on tents.  We want an outdoor ceremony & reception in September 2015 (driest month of the year in MN) and planned to rent a tent in case of rain but what if it doesn't rain (crossing fingers)?  There are shady spots at the venue we want but would we put up the tent either way or nix it if the weather is beautiful?  Thoughts?

Also, I tried looking around but does anyone know of a good page to look at to get the low down on outdoor weddings/tents?  Sorry if these are routine questions!

TIA :)

Re: To Tent or Not To Tent...

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       We were to get married on a beach instead we got married until a tent because of 60mph wind driven rains.

    So from personal experience get the tent.    Plus just because it's dry doesn't mean it will not be hot and sunny.   Tents give everyone a shady spot and could use fans or a/c if it's too hot.

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  • We rented a tent because we had an outdoor ceremony and reception. But a few days before the wedding, once we had a reliable clear weather report, we canceled it. It was marvelous.
  • Rent a tent, it may be the driest month normally, but you can't guarantee no rain. Better safe then sorry. Also then your guaranteed a shady spot to put tables & chairs. Tents also give you an easy way to hang lights if your event goes into the evening.
  • Tent! Even on cool days, a bit of harsh sun can ruin a party's vibe. 
  • We are having a MN wedding this september and rented a tent just in case. It will be nice to have it as a backup and not just for rain, but for heat also. We are hoping to bring the outdoors in, though but putting up some trees and branches around the tent. We also rented a dance floor.
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