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Friday Night Wedding

I am starting the planning of my wedding, therefore have been brainstorming ideas with my FH because God knows May 2015 will be here in no time! In that, we decided that the most important things to us at the wedding are photographs, video, good music and an open bar for our guests to have a good time. It was actually my FH's idea to get married on a Friday because he prefers the wedding be out of the norm of the usual Saturday. I’ve always been sort of a night owl so I figured a late Friday night wedding would by very modern and kind of cool!

Soooo, I was thinking for multiple reasons of having a 8pm ceremony, followed by the cocktail hour at 9pm and then the reception to follow with tons of appetizers (both hot and cold) with refreshments only (open bar). This will give guest ample time to go home and get ready etc after work and out of town guests time for travel and hotel check-in.

Usually, I am a fan of the traditional seated dinner reception, however, I just don't see the necessity of that on a late Friday night. In this instance I am leery of having an entire meal be served for various reasons. The time (because it's a late wedding I don't want to spend most of the night sitting down), them expense and because of cost we have to cut some guests off the invite list ALL for food! It just doesn't seem important to me or my fiance. We would much rather have everyone we love there to celebrate and not serve dinner and just have a great time drinking and dancing the night away!!! Problem is my fiance doesn't like the idea of not having a seated dinner, he thinks we can manage it all (he is not knowledgeable on cost per plate for weddings)! So I am undecided on the direction we should go.

My family is more conservative and traditional vs his family who are a bit more unconventional! Is this idea of not serving a plated dinner deemed acceptable or do you see it as tacky? Opinions??

Re: Friday Night Wedding

  • If your ceremony isn't until 8 pm I wouldn't do a plated dinner, but a cocktail reception with appetizers. 
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    Yeah, for that late you really shouldn't do a sit down anyway.  Odds are your guests wont want to wait until around 9 for dinner, so they'll eat beforehand and be too full for a full sit down dinner.  A cocktail style reception is great (we're doing one too, so I may be biased).  Just have your caterer set up various stations, they can be a mix of light and heavy foods to accommodate all your guests since the last thing you want is for them to go hungry.

    Just be weary, cocktail receptions aren't always cheaper.  We love the caterer we went with, but since we want passed horderves as well as stations most caterers were charging about the same or more than for a sit down.

    Question.  How long will your ceremony/reception be?  What time are you anticipating the party to be over?
  • You're right......I have been finding that the cost is comparable either way. I'm thinking it will end around 1 or 2 @CC0805‌
  • I think this could work, but keep in mind that your guests most likely had to be up wicked early that morning and worked a full day and may be tired by the time your reception rolls around.
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    Sounds like it'll be a great party for those that stay!  My FI wants to actually start earlier so we can then have an after party go until about that time.
  • sounds like your idea is great. I'd sit down with him and break down what a per plate cost could run versus app stations. an 8pm wedding means that people will most likely try to eat before coming.
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