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Getting in Shape

Choose a healthier lifestyle and lose weight

blondelf26blondelf26 member
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edited April 2014 in Getting in Shape
Hey all! I'm getting married may 24th, 2015 and did the AdvoCare 24 day challenge to jump start my weightloss and healthier lifestyle. I had fantastic results and loved the products so much. It's not a "fad diet" but a lifestyle change. I feel amazing and my energy is through the roof! Let me know if any of you want more information and I can send it your way! Good luck all!

Re: Choose a healthier lifestyle and lose weight

  • How is this not a fad diet? It seems like it involves following a very specific plan and buying AdvoCare products, and it's super "in" right now.  Doesn't that kind of make it a fad?
  • "Fad diets" are diets and eating patterns that promote a short term weight loss with no concern of weight management afterwards. The products are herbal and vitamin supplements - not a "magic" diet pill that claims to melt fat off. You still get to incorporate carbs into ur diet as well as fruit, veggies, and protein. It helps teach you about portion control and when to eat certain foods which allows a person to continue that lifestyle afterwards and maintain their weightloss.
  • I don't think you need "AdvoCare" supplements to teach you how to eat protein, fruits, and veggies-that's not patented or all that novel really.  Regardless, you can't advertise here as an Advocare rep.
  • I'm not advertising as a rep. I'm simply giving others a suggestion on how to help lose weight. It may not be for everybody but some need a little more motivation and accountability than just eating healthier. The challenge comes with a coach and a program that obviously works cause thousands have lost weight doing it and have contined to lose weight afterwards.
  • blondelf26blondelf26 member
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    edited April 2014
    And you can't patent nutritional supplements. It's not an invention. And no it's not FDA approved which is impossible to even be accomplished because the FDA does not approve nutritional supplements
  • I appreciate your perseverance. No pain, no gain.
  • This program is terrible for your body. Look into it more. People have had MAJOR issues with "Spark" amongst the other supplements.
  • I have looked into it, studied it, and researched the products. I have been using the products for months now and I haven't had one issue with any of them.  I've lost 15 lbs since the middle of Jan. and I've never felt so good in my entire life. 
  • vh2014vh2014 member
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    I've lost 40 since the beginning of January... no supplements (other than a plain ole multi vitamin), just plain exercise and good nutrition (nutrition.gov).  I've gone from a size 18 to a size 10.  Haven't killed myself, haven't felt deprived... and didn't pay a dime (we have an elliptical at work and I have Pilates DVDs that I have had for years... plus it's spring, working in the yard is good too).  So yes, a healthier lifestyle will do it... although I think my definition was a little different.  
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