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Hello everyone.  So, my fiance and I have a bit of a unique situation with which we are not entirely sure how to overcome.  Though we are both born and bred in the United States (Pittsburgh PA to be precise), we have been living overseas in the United Arab Emirates teaching in Abu Dhabi.  We are in our second year of contract and have one more to go.  With that being said, we got engaged over Christmas and have been planning from overseas (not an easy task).  The problem is that we are only home for short periods of time because of our travel.  We already skipped the engagement party opportunity as a result.  Not sure if it's too late to take engagement pictures at least.  Anyways. Our wedding is scheduled for Septemeber 26, 2015 which means we still have a ways to go.  However, from now until then, we will only be home the following times:

1. July 10- August 22
2. December-January (only two weeks for the holidays)
3. Home for good in July of 2015  (less than 3 months before the wedding)

Now, my question is....When do you have a wedding shower?  Having one this summer seems waaaaay too early.  Christmas is a terrible time as people are buying gifts for the holiday, and by the time we get home at the end of our third year, it's so soon before the wedding it seems too rushed.

Am I wrong on any of these fronts?  Your advice would be so greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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    I think the shower is best had in July. 
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  • Has someone offered to host a shower for you?  If they have, the timing is up to them.   If they haven't, then you don't get one.  Wedding showers are not something that you should expect.
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    I agree with PPs. If someone offers to host a shower for you, it's up to them when it is - as long as you're available that day, of course. 

    I also don't think you need to be worrying about the timing of the shower. Like at all. For one, you shouldn't be planning on one unless someone has offered to throw it for you. Two, it's one day. Less than one day - an afternoon. Okay, maybe two afternoons - one to register (but you can also do that online) and showers typically only last a few hours. 

    FWIW, it's not overseas, but I'm planning my wedding from 2,000 miles away and my MOH is throwing me a shower about 2.5 months before the wedding. NBD. 
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