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I am getting married (Destnation wedding; Just the two of us) on July 21st. I will be having a post wedding celebration in October. My best friend is dieing to throw me a bridal shower. However she wants to throw it after my wedding ceremony & before my post wedding party. I think this is weird and a looks like I just want presents. She doesn't want to do it before because of scheduling, daughters dance comps, etc.. Has anyone ever heard of this? What should I do?

Re: After wedding shower

  • You already posted this on another board and received good feedback.  It would be highly inappropriate to throw a shower after your wedding.  Showers are for "showering" the bride with gifts to start her new marriage.  You will not longer be a bride.  You will be a wife.  Aside from that, it is against proper etiquette to invite people to a shower who are not invited to the wedding.  You have two great reasons to decline your friend's offer.
  • Thanks posted here first and then thought it better to post on the other thread.
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