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Day Of Timeline- here comes the anxiety

Have any of you mapped out your wedding day timeline yet, specifically pre-ceremony prep??
I am struggling to figure mine out so I can schedule my stylists and transportation.  I'm getting married an hour from home and plan to utilize the venue's bridal suite to get ready.  How much time are you allocating for hair, makeup, pre-ceremony bridal party photos, etc?  Any comments/suggestions are welcome!!!

Re: Day Of Timeline- here comes the anxiety

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    We are just starting to figure this stuff out.  The first thing we did was talk to the photographer about when she wanted to start the photos.  We are taking a majority of them before the wedding so her photo timeline is what we are using to determine ours.

    I haven't had my hair trial yet, but when I do, I will know how long to schedule for my hair. We are getting married at 6:30, and we are starting the photos around 2:30-3 and ending around 5:30. I will probably start hair/makeup between 11am-noon. I can't really remember what time the photographer told us she would start with the photos...its in an email that was sent to FI.
  • I'm in the same boat. FI family is asking about a timeline and I have no clue. The salon doing our hair and makeup has us there from 9am to 1pm! We aren't allowed to have food there so I have to figure something out for AFTER hair and make and prior to ceremony. We haven't met with Pastor yet so haven't set a ceremony time. Evening church starts at 6 so we have to be out before 5-5:30. Maybe 3:30 ceremony then...
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    I'm still in rough draft mode so it may change but so far here is mine-

    9 am- Get to bridal suite at venue

    9-12- Hairdresser- they would only send us one since we have a small party. She will do 3 of us (me and the 2 BM's). They told me on the phone one hour per person. I haven't had my trial yet but I want a pretty simple braided bun so I can't imagine it taking much longer than an hour for myself. I've never really seen a BM updo take longer than an hour either. One of the BM's is a makeup artist so she will do ours while we alternate with the hairdresser.

    Noon- Lunch- My mom will stop on the way and pick up the bouquets and lunch and bring to the bridal suite. (haven't talked to FI about his plans for the men yet)

    12:30-2pm- First look and all photos with bridal party, parents, siblings, and just B&G.

    2-2:30- Relax, hang out, get jittery, have some snacks in the bridal suite

    2:30- Ceremony (cocktail hour and early dinner reception to follow, no gap)




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    Have been thinking about it, but don't have anything set yet.  Know all is dependent on pictures.  From when we met with photographer, have a rough time as to when they need me ready & will go back from there.  Had my make up trial & the time per person is written in the contract.  Thinking probably 9 for hair, though I haven't had my trial yet.  Hairdresser indicated 10, but that might be tight on time, since venue is 45-50 minutes away.  And I definitely need to eat lunch!!!  I have to go back through my notes & maybe give the photographer a call to clarify.  Have no idea about the guys.  FI works at his own pace, so I do best to put together their timeline.
  • With regard to timeline, I think you need to consider who is going to the salon.  If you are brining your bridal party entourage to the salon, you may need to go early. The last few weddings I was in, we started around 7/8am for a 2pm wedding. What you need to do is see how many people are going to the salon and see what their capacity is.  Your 'do should be the last one. Also, ask the salon if you can bring your own snacks/lunch if this time overlaps. Some salons will have a room for a bridal party to hang out. Depending on your area you should allow for traffic/travel time, and will want to give yourself a few hours before the ceremony. If you are planning on pre-ceremony photos, give an additional hour. In most of the weddings I have been in there is a lag between ceremony and reception so most photos are taken then (this will be true of my wedding as well). I haven't planned a schedule yet, but based on others experiences I would say 

    8am - Start salon appointments
    10:30/11am - Bride's appointment (if salon close to getting ready location)
    12pm - Arrive at "getting ready" location
    12pm-1230pm - Hang out, make up, eat lunch
    1230/1pm - photographer arrives, a few "getting ready" photos
    1:30pm - depart for church (depending on traffic outlook)
    2pm - ceremony/mass
    3pm-3:30pm - ceremony ends, some time for church photos, interaction with guests
    3:30 - depart in limo to photo location for group shots
    4pm - 5pm group photos
    5:30 arrive at reception

  • Thanks, I appreciate your help!!
    Sounds like I need to pay close attention to the timing of the hair and makeup trials and talk with my photographer.  My wedding is at 2pm, so the schedule @sjuhawkz outlined looks like a good template to go off of for starters.  
    I'm lucky, I wear a pixie cut so my hair takes like 15 minutes MAX to style.  My bridesmaids on the other hand... long, luxurious locks!  I need to make sure I factor in enough time for them!
    I feel a lot more relaxed about this now, so thank you again!
  • When you pick the salon, its good to check in with the time they open, and if they can accommodate the number in your party (and of course price). I'm now starting to look into it, and there is quite a lot of variation. Its nice you have an easy 'do! Many salons charge extra for "bride" styling and also make you pay for a trial look.
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    My tentative plan is to have the H/MUA arrive at the hotel at 10am (it's a traveling team, and they'll bring as many people as they need to get everyone done on time) and then head to the venue to get dressed at about 1:45/get there at 2. Photographer will capture the last of the "getting ready"pictures there, i.e. Mom doing the zipper or whatever, putting jewelry on (I didn't want picture of getting my hair curled, I personally think those are stupid). We'll do separate pictures from 2 til about quarter to 4 (no first look). Ceremony is at 4 sharp til maybe 4:45, then an hour of "together" pictures before grand entrance at 5:45/dinner at 6. We have the photographer from 2-10.

  • Ugh I am in the same boat.
    A lot of the wedding is diy and by that I mean my girls and I the morning of are literally setting up the space. My hairstylist/makeup artist will travel to us so I have to touch base to see roughly how long it will take the two girls to do four girls (usually they have one doing makeup while hair is going on and vice versa).
    I figure 1-2 hours set up........2-3 for hair/makeup.
    as it is on site.........wont be such a worry.
    we are doing photos during cocktail hour (onsite) so time savings there!
  • Not in detail, but I have a sparse timeline set up. For us, it's hardest because I (STUPIDLY!) did not hire a planner and I'm getting married 40 minutes from my house. Our venue will not allow us to decorate/set up the reception earlier than 9am the DAY we get married. Our ceremony is at 1pm. I have to be at the church by 12pm at the very latest.

    Basically, I'm dying thinking about it too, lol. We're leaving an hour for pre-ceremony pictures and I'm going to try and do as much as I can (nails, tan, silverware wrapping, etc.) ahead of time so that all we have to do is set it on the tables and go!
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