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Real or fake flowers?

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I need some help/advice on my wedding flowers. I have gone back and forth trying to decide on using real flowers or silk. I know with silk I can use the flowers again but everywhere I've looked I've noticed silk flowers are just as expensive as real ones. The downfall about real flowers is that I have to throw them away shortly after and I know with silk they will look fake and I don't want people to think I'm cheap. I do have a wedding budget so I'm trying to think about how much I have left and what my best option is. I live in NC and have thought about going to the farmers market because I was told I could get a 5 gallon bucket for $50. Are colorful flowers the better way to go or should my bridesmaids use white flower bouquets? Any advice is great, Thanks in advice!

Re: Real or fake flowers?

  • I am not sure if it is to late but I am using fake flowers myself. You are right they are Just as expensive as the real ones. I am getting married in June and wanted my girls to have colorful boutiques ( in fact even mine is very colorful). I am using Amy Colt of Forever in Bloom ( she is in CT and ships all over the United States).She is reasonably priced and works with in your budget.Plus she has amazing ideas and lets you see the colors she was thinking against your wedding colors. I hope this helped and best of luck
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    I also am using silk flowers. I got mine from afloral.com and I have received many compliments on how nice they look from people I have shown them too.
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    Silk flowers are only just as expensive as real if you pay full price.

    I am using silk because to pull off the look I want in real flowers would be close to $1000+ for my cascade bouquet alone. . . not including the other bouquets, centerpieces, etc.  I felt that was way too much money for flowers that begin to die and wilt pretty much immediately.

    I started buying flowers two years ago as they went on sale.  Hobby Lobby's silks are the highest quality I have seen so far, and they go on sale 50% every other week.

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  • I'm debating real vs silk too. If I make my own flowers will use silk so not doing everything right before the wedding. I've heard a lot about bouquet preservation for fresh flowers, haven't looked into it
  • Silk here, but it's a base as I'm doing a brooch bouquet. My great grandmother, grandmother and mom all collected jewelry, so the bouquet will be how we include them. My MOH is carrying one also, and I've found jewelry that my FMIL and her mom will love, so that's what their flowers will include. Not sure on DF and BM, both are grumbling about wearing anything floral.

    Reception will have tree branches with white lights as centerpieces and little pumpkins holding place cards. Those are foam ones, I have them already spray painted and glittery. Need to finish sealing them, then add the clips to hold cards.
  • We are using silk bouquets and doing non floral centerpieces. 

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    I'm leaning toward silk. 

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