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Stress Eating...

i know that i tend to want to eat (or shop!) when i am stressed... neither of which is a good thing when planning a wedding! I am not trying to lose weight before the big day - but i totally don't want to gain any!! I decided to start a 30 day ab & squat challenge (wedding is in 39 days) - just to help combat any stress eating that goes on...

are you a stress eater? is there anything you are doing to combat the need/desire/pull to eat when stressed?

Re: Stress Eating...

  • LabLove86LabLove86
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    I am absolutely a stress eater! I have found that it is so much easier if you don't have the temptations in your living space. (Boyfriend and I just started to change our lifestyles not that long ago- and the first few weeks are tough! But you can do it!!) 

    Apples are great - they are sweet, crunchy, and filling. And Bananas. If you want a snack - its ok - just make sure you're making smart choices - not drive-thru choices! That was my toughest thing! 

    Good luck!

    ETA - Make sure you have some form of snack with you just incase you get the 'need' to snack - that way you have a healthy option as opposed to a 'quick stop' as your only option.
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  • I've been stress eating like no body's business lately.  With just moving into a house, getting a $3700 house insurance bill, to wedding planning - a girl's gotta get rid of her stress somehow.  I found that Vinta Roasted Red Pepper crackers are my go-to now because they're delicious and somewhat healthy - much better than the potato chips I used to go after.

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