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Hi ladies!

How did you go about finding your wedding officiant? I really just don't know where to start looking, and we don't have anyone in mind that we would like to perform our ceremony. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance!

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  • Love Notes is pretty popular here.



  • Love Notes does have a wide range of options. You can read bios of all of their officiants on their website. We used Tina Long with Weddings by Tina and loved her. Another that I know of that a few brides around here have used is Jason McClaren.
  • Awesome thank you!!
  • We're using Rev. Brian Richman. He's very nice! http://www.revbrian.com/index.html
  • We used love notes and used Kieth Long. Loved him :)
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  • We are using Chris Marx through Love Notes.  We met with him awhile back and he was very personable and made us feel comfortable.  I'm very excited he is doing our ceremony!

  • We're using Andrews Wedding Ceremonies (http://www.dfwgetmarried.com/), specifically Peter Andrews.  I decided on him because he was very nice over the phone and sends a manual to piece together your ceremony, I'm calling it my Wedding Ceremonies for Dummies Handbook.  He responded to my phone calls and emails in a very timely manner, sent things when he said he would, and I feel very comfortable using him.

    Unfortunately, we went on recommendations from here and contacted Rev. Brian Richman and had a horrible experience.  After confirming our time, date, and location multiple times via phone and email, he failed to show up.  When I called him after he was already 15 minutes late to see if we were in the wrong place (we weren't), he said that he was sorry, but he would be unable to meet with us that day and asked if we could meet later in the week.  Because we had traveled from out of town (over 4 hours) specifically to meet with him, I obviously was not happy.  He said that if we gave him about 30 minutes, he would be there (to me, that means it clearly wasn't an emergency if he could get there that quickly).  I hope that we were an extremely unusual case and that he is fantastic for anyone who books him.  For us, I wasn't going to risk him being late or not showing up on the big day.

    I have included the list of officiants that my venue, Stonegate Mansion, provided to me, I hope that it is helpful for you!

    Father Milton (Catholic wedding)


    Gordon Nelson


    Marjorie Montgomery


    Peter Andrews


    Rabbi David Gruber


    Randy and Paige Dehart


    I also spoke with Gordon Nelson on the phone, but found him just a touch too pushy for my taste.  However, he was very kind and followed up with me a few days later to see if we had made a decision or if I had any more questions.

    Good luck!
  • And I just realized how old the original post is.  I apologize for that!  Hopefully, the information will come in handy for another bride!  Or the original poster if she still hasn't found someone!
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    And I just realized how old the original post is.  I apologize for that!  Hopefully, the information will come in handy for another bride!  Or the original poster if she still hasn't found someone!

    Your late post will sure help me out, if FI decides it will be too weird for my dad to officiate ours.
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