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Rehearsal Times at Church

Have any of you ladies begun planning your rehearsal? Is there a set time the church does rehearsals for a Saturday afternoon Wedding? 

Re: Rehearsal Times at Church

  • Depends on the church and if there are other weddings on your day, but yes, there is most likely going to be a set time.  



  • Ditto. Ours is a 2:00 Saturday mass, and the rehearsal is Friday at 6:00. Not sure when it would be if they had a Friday wedding planned.
  • We had a specific time, too. Our church is pretty flexible, but they have a Friday night wedding, so it had to be at 4pm or earlier.
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  • ours was 5pm friday for an 11am saturday.
  • Each church is different.

    Ours is usually on a Thursday for a Saturday wedding, but we have an OOT priest and OOT WP members, so ours is from 6-7pm Friday for a 1pm ceremony Saturday.

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  • ^ Not ridiculous.  If the church has a 5:00 Saturday mass, getting you out by 4:15 means they only have 45 minutes to get ready.  Add to that people who come to mass early to pray, and you might even have overlap of your WP with churchgoers.

    Any place that has multiple events in one day HAS to stick to a strict schedule, or there will be chaos.

    You might be surprised, though.  My wedding was at 2, and we were told we had to be gone by 4:00, but when I mentioned it to the church coordinator after our wedding, she said we could take as much time as we needed and they'd let us know if we were in the way or needed to leave.



  • My parish is pretty flexible but our rehearsal has to be a day early.  We're getting married Dec. 13th, and my parish is largely Hispanic - no rehearsal on the 12th due to Our Lady of Guadalupe!  That's ok, though, because we're having the rehearsal on the 11th, my birthday!  :)

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