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Putting together a self serve Ice Cream Bar at our reception!

My fiance and I really want to have a self serve ice cream bar at our reception with toppings etc!  It is the one thing we really want, since it really speaks to who we are!

We are having issues figuring out how to keep the ice cream from melting and staying cold.  Its something that I want to have available throughout the wedding and it will just be set up! I havent been able to find an ice cream cart to rent, and we are looking for something affordable, but I just keep hitting walls!  

Does anyone have any bright ideas?  We are getting married in April, so I expect it to be warm and the wedding will be just outside of Baton Rouge! 

Help!  Please!  I dont want to abandon the idea!

Re: Putting together a self serve Ice Cream Bar at our reception!

  • mdakotamdakota member
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    i dont really know about an ice cream bar but i thought i would give you my idea. We are big sweet tooth people over here so we wanted some great different desserts. We hired davalons for their cake balls or truffles. they make them in any color and have a variety of flavors. They had them at my sisters wedding and they were so good. they have been really nice and affordable. just an idea. [email protected] hope this helps!
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    I'm a bride planning my wedding, but I'm also a wedding coordinator.  I did this for one of my clients.  We used something like a chafing dish, but filled it with ice.  It worked well.  The ice cream started to melt after about 30 minutes, but she didn't want it out for the whole reception. 

    Perhaps you could get an ice sculpture with cut outs to hold ice cream containers.  That will be a much more expensive option though.
  • aebartshaebartsh member
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    We are using a soft serve ice cream machine and then putting out a whole bunch of topping.
  • We are having a Self Serve Ice Cream bar as well! I think we are going to try placing dry ice in a galvanized tub then add regular ice on top of the dry ice. We can then place tubs of ice cream on ther regular ice. That will keep the ice cream cold and prevent anyone from being  burned by the dry ice. Our wedding is in Oklahoma and is outdoors so there is no telling how hot it will be! Hopefully this will work, but I plan on testing closer to the date! 

    Hope this idea helps!
  • Where can I rent a soft serve machiine in South Jersey? Any ideas?
  • Where did you get your soft serve machine from?
  • idk what kind of wedding you are having but you can try this scoop of ice cream in small mason jar...each person will have their own and no scooping required.....large bucket, metal container what ever fits ice and salt to keep the ice longer. have extras in the back somewhere and put someone in charge of refilling if it gets low...
    also alot of local icecream shops do cater icecream bars for partys etc.
    Great Icecream Sundae Bar for a Summer Rustic Wedding. Put the Icecream inside of Mason Jars. Keep on Ice.  Have LOTS of different toppings. Dont forget the Chocolate Syrup.
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