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Passed hors d'oeuvres

So our menu is Italian 4 courses. Our cocktail hour has a pretty light feel (other than the chesses which are a heavier option). Since our cocktail hour is all cold options we wanted to add a few hot options being passed around by servers. Do you think we should keep with the Italian and take hors d'oeuvres that follow that, or just pick whatever we want (I so want a lobster and crab tartlet). We only have 1 allergy (sea food, but its my step mil and I have seen her eat lobster before).

Re: Passed hors d'oeuvres

  • I would go with a vegetarian or vegan option as well. 
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    I think that it's ok if they don't go with the "theme".

    I, for one, wouldn't turn down a crab tartlet or scoff at it because I'm later served pasta!
  • I don't think the food at cocktail hour needs to follow a theme, although I would make sure your step MIL knows about the seafood. I have food allergies. At a wedding where I am having a good time, I could see it being easy to forget and accidentally eating food passed to me.  
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