Anthony Decarlo photography?

Has anyone here use or met with Anthony?  due to an unforseen and tragic situation, our original photographers will not be photographing our wedding.  The studio is working on a replacement for us and it might be Anthony.  I hadn't come across his name on these boards or in my vendor search, but apparently he was good friends with our former photographer and they have a similar style, but I wanted to see if anyone had met with him or used him.

Re: Anthony Decarlo photography?

  • i recently saw photos he took and they were amazing. I think he will do a very good job at your wedding. 
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    OK thanks.  I was a bit concerned because his blog doesn't have anything recent (I think most recent wedding or engagement photo was 2011).
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    Love his work! Anyone that they are recomending I would be comfortable with! GL!
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  • Hello! I was wondering if you ever used anthony decarlo for your photos, and if so, what was your experience with him? I'm considering using him for my photos but I'm hesitant because of similar concerns like the reviews online
  • Wondering if Anthony did your photos? Just stumbled upon this forum. I contracted him yrs ago for my wedding and although the images were good. I have yet to receive my album. He has been completely unprofessional in regards to this. I paid in full, have given him more than enough time and have been extremely patient. Unbelievable to me. From speaking to other clients of his, apparently I'm not the only one. On the verge of filing a suit on him.
  • @mrsdiv12 how long has it been?  ... question, how long do a photographer takes to give you the pictures and the album?
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