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Thought on my vows? XP Vows

I would love your feedback ladies-

Rick-  13 years 1 month and 1 day ago the world chose to introduce two people who became the best of friends.  That decision was made for us, but today I make the decision to chose you for life.  You are my constant rock and one true love.  I am honored to wake up next to you, fall asleep next to you and take every step holding your hand for the rest of our lives. I promise to be your best friend, faithful partner and biggest fan.  I vow to encourage you and grow with you even when the weather is rough.  I will be next to you until forever ends even if that means moving somewhere colder.  I promise to always 456839682229.

**couple notes- my FI is a weather man hence my reference to the weather...and the 456839682229 is something he used to send to me on my pager (yes we have been together since the days of pagers).  It spells out I love you baby.
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Re: Thought on my vows? XP Vows

  • So... you're literally going to stand there and say "Four five six eight three nine six eight two two two nine"?

    Other than that, it's personal and if you like it, that's all that matters.  But as a guest, I'd be so confused.  I feel like that's probably better written in the letter to him that day, or stitch a handkerchief for him with those numbers.



  • Totally agree with calindi. That would be a bit weird to end with some random numbers.
  • I appreciate your input!!  Does it really matter if the guest get it or not?  It is a vow I am making to him and when I think of vows I think of a very private conversation between two people about their love for each other that happens to be listened to by your friends and family.  I don't know maybe i have a romantical view of vows...not trying to argue just trying to understand from a different point of view.
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  • I think you've invited your guests to see you get married.  If you did your vows in Latin because you met in Latin class, I'd think it was rude that you asked all these people to sit there and watch, but they're not in on the 'joke' or secret meaning. 

    If you have something private to say to one another, do it in a letter to send to each other that day.  I think it's weird, honestly, for a couple to give each other secret little messages and basically read a love letter in front of other people.  Vows are promises, and they're made before friends & family.  If it's so private, why say it in front of everyone?  It's like an inside joke - they weren't cool when we were 8, they're not so cool now.



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