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It's started...

With 4 weeks to go until the wedding, the nightmares have finally started.  I have at least one weird or scary wedding dream a night it seems.  The most recent ones include me taking a nap and waking up to find I'm late for the ceremony, flowers not being delivered but not realizing it until we're already halfway through the wedding, every RSVP adding additional uninvited guests, and the weirdest one had us calling the police because there were vagrants hanging out in the woods behind our ceremony site.  I'm not sure where my brain is getting this stuff.

Anybody else starting to have weird wedding dreams??

Re: It's started...

  • I had one where I never mentioned anything to FI about getting suits/tuxes.  He was standing at the end of the aisle in khaki shorts and a brown tshirt.  

    When I told him this dream he went out the next day and picked out his suit.
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  • I've been having them since around the 12 month mark. Initially it was a recurring dream where I would show up at the venue and none of my vendors were there (hair, makeup, flowers, DJ, cake, etc.) because I forgot to pay the balance on all my deposits. Eek! Now that I have paid the balance on most vendors, they have shifted. A couple of nights ago I had a dream that a bunch of extra people showed up (like my grandmother, a cousin, and an aunt) who wanted hair and makeup done, but there wasn't enough time for everyone. Also, my sister/MOH was late to the ceremony.
  • Mine started before we even got engaged. It'll be the day of and I won't have a dress, we won't have hired a photographer, the invites never went out, or all of the above. Once the wedding happened at my college, but there had never been a rehearsal and no one knew what they were doing. I've actually been dream free for awhile. I think that's because finally even though not all the details are worked out, as long as we get the marriage license, we will be married in front of our friends and family, there will be food, and we will have pictures of it.
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  • I've been having them since about the one year mark.  They are pretty annoying, they've been less and less lately as more details are coming together.  FI finally had one a few weeks ago.  


  • I've had very few over the whole engagement. The latest is that my hair stylist doesn't show up and I'm stuck doing my own hair and it's just flat and in the way, looking a lot like how I normally where my hair. This is a pretty valid fear, my stylist is due with her first baby any day now. My wedding is June7th. So we're cutting it pretty close. I asked her to recommend someone but she insisted on doing my hair. I do have a backup, my cousin, who is a guest, is also a stylist and will be there to help us in the morning. She did offer to cover if my stylist can't make it.
  • Well I have had one where I realized only after the ceremony that I was not wearing the amazing wedding dress that I had spent so much time and money on, instead I was wearing some crappy one. So then I asked my mom where my dress was and she said it was in the car. The car was parked a 1 hour walk away (2 hours roundtrip) and I sent my mom to get it anyways because I couldn't stand the thought of not wearing my dress-- then I was sad that my mom was going to miss everything and tried to call her to tell her to come back and not to worry about it but her phone was off. I realized that I didn't know any of the guests at my wedding....Then I woke up.
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