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Traditional Things - Will you be doing them?

I am in like full wedding planning mode this morning. I was just wondering if you ladies will be doing the traditional wedding things (married in a church, first dance, mother/son & dad/daughter dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter, ect…)

His grandma is marrying us so I'm thinking it will be a bit unconventional. 

We plan on doing the parent dances and first dance. Most likely the cake cutting. 

I don't know about the garter & bouquet toss. I know some people feel uncomfortable doing them, and some people like them. I'm trying to find a way to make it less awkward. What do you ladies think about having the traditional catch of both but having the woman put the garter on the man? That way its not like some guy is going up some ladies dress? I don't know. Im so undecided. 

Re: Traditional Things - Will you be doing them?

  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    I'm not doing any of that. I'm having a very intimate wedding.

    Even if I were having a larger wedding, I wouldn't think to do the garder toss. It's just always seemed icky to me.
  • I'm doing a few traditional things -
    * first dance
    * father/daughter, mother/son dance
    * most likely cutting the cake
    * ive decided I would like, old, new, borrowed, blue

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  • we are doing nothing traditional. its not either of our 1st. we are having more like a big party!!  small ceremony like 5 min. then our dinner is a buffet of different stuff, iI am thinking pasta, mashed potato bar (thanks 4 weddings, lol),  maybe chicken, pulled pork - 2 different kinds, rolls, salad, and iI am thinking beans for the veggie. then iI am making a small cake with a cupcake tree. we are having an ipod dj. so nothing traditional.
  • I am going all out and doing all of the traditions! I never thought I would get to have this wedding so I am going to soak it all up!! But that's just me to each their own and its your wedding your way right!!? My DJ told me about the marriage dance which may be something newish maybe not but I know I had never heard of it until he told me about it and its where all the married couples come up and slow dance and he gets rid of each couple until the couple that has been married the longest is left standing. Then you give your bouquet to the couple instead of doing the bouquet toss. This will probably be the only non traditional thing that we will be doing because we are the last ones to be married in both of our families so there will be no single people to toss the bouquet or garter too lol!!
  • We are doing short versions of the traditional dances and a cake cutting, but we aren't getting married in a church and I don't think we're going to do the bouquet or garter toss.  Definitely not the garter toss at least, because that makes both of us uncomfortable.  I have heard of what you called the marriage dance before, @SehlinBride, and I think that might be a nice alternative to still do something with my bouquet.  Besides, we have like 5-7 friends and family who could soon be or already are engaged so we don't need anyone fighting over dibs on the next event haha.
  • I will be doing all of the traditional stuff. 

    Jean0715, My dj told us about a way to make the garter thing a bit more humorous. I don't think we will be doing it this way, but I figured I'd share anyway... 

    The guy who catches the garter gets blind folded, and of course he is under the impression that he is going to put the garter on the girl who catches the bouquet, but instead they switch it up and put a man in the chair instead. When the guy realizes he is putting a garter on another man, it is supposed to be funny... 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    I'm not doing much of the traditional stuff:

    Destination Wedding
    Outdoor venue
    No bouquet toss
    No garter toss
    No 'Formal' reception - we will have a dinner and a dessert party + fireworks
    No DJ

    We will have a cake cutting
    Bride/Groom first dance - still up in the air about Daughter/Father & Mother/Son dances
    Not sure if we'll use 'Traditional' music

  • We are keeping some of it traditional, we will do the first dances with the parents, cake cutting and bouquet toss, but no garter toss. Might even skip the bouquet toss since 90% of the people there are married and the ones who are not are engaged or under 21. 
  • Our ceremony and attire will be traditional, but nothing else, really.

    No bouquet toss, cake, formal dances, toasts/speeches, I could go on...

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  • Is it okay to have a mother/son dance and not a father/daughter dance?  I really would prefer not to do that dance.  Could we both dance with our mothers instead?  I am very close to my mother but my father and I rarely even speak to each other and he will simply be a guest at our wedding, not walking me down the aisle or doing any of the other traditional father stuff. 

    We talked about not having parent dances at all, but I know my FI is really close with his family and it will mean a lot to both him and his mother to have that dance.
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  • @Emily104 You can deff do just a son/mother dance and skip the daughter/father dance. Or you can dance with your mom. Just because you do one doesn't mean you have to do the other. 
  • We're doing the first dance, cake cutting, anniversary dance ( @sehlinBride - in my area the 'marriage dance' you mentioned is called an anniversary dance, i guess!), but no garter or bouquet toss. I'll be giving my bouquet to the couple who "wins" the anniversary dance (if they want it!). also, we're going to be doing a long-a$$ horah dance at the beginning, which is (usually) fun!  
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  • PepperallyPepperally member
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    I'm having a dinner reception, no dancing.  No traditional stuff other than a cake cutting.  Not even sure any speeches will occur, we have no bridal party.
  • BlergbotBlergbot An enchanted land member
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    We will be getting married by our friend in FSIL's backyard. We will do first dance and father/daughter dance. We are having a bridal party, but just two on each side (and I didn't designate an MOH, though FI does have a BM). No bouquet/garter toss. We are having a traditional cake and will do a cutting, but no feeding each other cake.
  • Except for the actual ceremony, attire, and toasts, we won't be doing any traditional stuff. Our venue is outdoors.

    No bridal party
    No first dance or father/daughter dance
    No DJ (we'll have an ipod playing all night)
    No bouquet toss or garter toss

    Our "cake cutting" will be us feeding each other cupcakes... so no real cake to cut.
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