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Am I behind at all with the cake?

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Hey there fellow October brides! I'm Jenn and I just got engaged two weeks ago and we are getting married October 11th. We wanted a short engagement and to be married sometime this year for several reasons. I have no problem with the short timeline but it is making me think perhaps I'm going to miss out on vendors and such. I already have a photographer, officiant, florist, and dress. Now my last big question mark is the cake. Are places already booked? When did you all book your cake, or have you yet? I'm trying not to overwhelm FI with all of these decisions within a short period of time, as he has no comprehension of how long people usually have for booking things and how far in advance things need to be booked. I don't want to rush into a cake vendor unless I'm already behind. I know it will also vary by location/city. I'm in a decent sized city so there are plenty of choices...just haven't reached out to any as of yet and wondering if I can wait a little while longer. It will only be for 50 people.

Re: Am I behind at all with the cake?

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    For places that might be already booked for larger weddings, I'm sure they'd be able to do something for you.  There's nothing wrong with doing something like a small 2-tier cake for your cake cutting and then having sheet cakes (or cupcakes) in the back <<this can also help with the budget too>>.

    It's best just to start calling around to your favorite bakeries and trying to get some appointments for cake testing.

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    So you actually taste at various places before actually booking?  I wasn't sure on that aspect either. 


    ETA:  and yeah, I was toying with the idea of one small cake to cut and then cupcakes. 

  • Deff try out a few bakeries unless you find one and are happy with it.  Also what you can ask is if they can do a small 2 tier cake and then have sheet cake in the back (with your flavors) to serve to guests. Its usually a cheaper alternative since its easier on a baker. 
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    Date twins! We booked our cake back in March, but I haven't booked my flowers yet, so you're probably fine. We just tasted at one bakery, but she did FSIL's cake and came highly recommended. Especially if you are doing cupcakes, I think you should be fine on the timeline.
  • hey, at least you have an officiant. iI cant get any to call me or email me back.
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    We booked our cake in late March, but I live in a major metro-area where things fill up quickly.  We just tried two people and went with the second one -- knew we wanted to use them when we left the tasting.  Most places do tastings for free, and like most men this was one of my FI's favorite activities so hopefully it won't overwhelm your FI and instead will be fun!  

    Just to check -- are you planning on having a DJ?  That might want to move up your priority list, if so.  Also I'd probably move bridesmaids dresses ahead of this, because they can take a few months to come in.  Nothing to stress about, just things that you should continue steadily working on.

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    I agree with @kla728‌. You should probably get on this. I know you don't want to overwhelm your FI but you don't exactly have much time here. Most really good vendors fill up quickly. My baker only does 1 or 2 cakes per weekend and books up early. Same goes for djs. My first choice was already booked when I asked him in February at around 8 months before the wedding. I'd also shop for bridesmaids dresses asap if you're asking your girls to all order from a traditional salon. Some designers can take nearly 3 months to come in!

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    the cake tasting was one of the few details my FI wanted to be a part of! He loves tasting cake.  I'm a baker so the cake was very important for me, and I knew I was going to be picky about it.  We went for 4 different bakeries for tastings, and then actually had 3 tastings at the bakery we finally decided on before making our decision.  It was A LOT of tastings, lol.  I would say that your fine, most bakeries can accommodate more than one wedding per date, but I wouldn't wait too long. Congrats on the engagement!! 
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  • Thanks ladies!  Good to know about the tastings.  I know he wants to do this part, I mean, who wouldn't??

    I am not having a DJ, it's just a dinner reception with an ipod playing in the background.  I also am not having bridesmaids so don't have to worry about that, either.  Mainly the big stuff I need is done...with the exception of the cake.  So I didn't know if I needed to go ahead and get that out of the way, too.  We have an option with our restaurant to have desserts they make, so we might just do a small cake for us to cut, rather than to serve to everyone.  Or the cupcakes with the small cake is an option, too.  But, I will definitely get a move on this so we have somewhat of a choice of bakers. 

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