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New Jersey

Marriage license

Ok, so I've looked at the NJ Dept of Health website, and it confused me even more. So, I'm  hoping somebody here can help me. 

We're getting married in a church. Do we get the application in advance of the ceremony? Or the license in advance of the ceremony? If its the license, do we need to bring witnesses? Isn't that what the ceremony is for? 

How does this work? Can somebody explain it to me? 
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Re: Marriage license

  • You have to go apply for your license prior...with witnesses. You will then wait 3 days before your able to pick it up. You then give the license to the priest to sign and complete the day of your wedding.
  • How many witnesses? This could be extremely challenging since everybody lives quite a ways away from us. 
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  • You need 1 witness I believe.
  • You only need one witness to apply.  We brought MIL with us as our witness for the application.  

    On the day of the wedding, our MOH and BM were the witnesses on the actual license filled out by our officiant. 
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  • Ok, thanks. This is going to be a PITA, since we live so far away from everybody. Also, the application office is only open from 10a - 12p and 2 - 4pm M-F. FI just got a new job (after 18 mo. unemployment) and will have to take time off work to do this ... which we're not entirely comfortable with, especially since he's taking time off for wedding / honeymoon. 

    But, it is what it is, right? We'll figure something out! 
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  • Make sure you go within the correct timeframe so the license does not expire.
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    You can bring your witness to apply for your license up to 6 months in advance. If necessary, you can do it on two separate trips if you and your FI can't make it there together, but you must have the same witness both times. You have to wait a minimum of 72 hours to pick up the license - either one of you can do that - or you can let it sit for up to 6 months. Once you've picked up the license, you have 30 days to use it before it expires.

    In addition to the witness, you'll need to bring ID with you so you can verify your name and address. Some municipalities are more specific about what documentation to bring than others are. I would call the municipality where you will be applying for the license to double check that you are doing everything correctly.

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