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Buying wedding gown online

Has anyone already or is anyone planning to purchase their wedding gown online? Why or why not?  I am undecided...

Re: Buying wedding gown online

  • I have heard mixed reviews on this.  

    A coworker bought hers online and had to pay out the butt for alterations because the sizing was off (or she read it incorrectly, the jury's out on that one) but loved the results.  I have heard of brides on this site that have employed people on etsy to make them a dress and loved it.

    However, please be cautious if you choose to purchase a designer dress that is NOT from the designer.  There is a facebook page that outlines the dangers of counterfeit dresses (they could wash the fabrics in toxic chemicals, or use dyes not intended for garments, or employ child labor/slavery to make them):

    Just be sure to do the research on the company you are interested in if you choose to go this route.  
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  • Don't. Don't. Don't. You'll regret it in the long run. If you buy your gown online, there's no telling what it will look like once you actually get it. I recommend going into a bridal shop and looking for one. It's easiest and if your consultant isn't just trying to make a sale, you'll find some good deals. I got mine from David's Bridal. It was the last one they had in store and a size too small but I could get it on. They did a corset back on it. With alterations and everything including the veil, belt, and preservation kit, it was only 500. It's worth it to go in store!
  • I did, I bought one, and it fit like a GLOVE ... But, I ended up not liking it ... Lol I paid less than 75,.. That was the only reason, why I bought it.. Found another one ... And I love it...
  • Hey there,
    I found my dress in person waaay above budget, of course I loved it.  Ended up finding it on preownedweddingdresses, and it showed up with no problems.  It is too small for me currently (I goofed up on the size I thought I needed), but after another couple of weeks I'm hoping it'll fit with just minor alterations.  Pretty excited, I saved basically 60%!
  • Awesome! @jamie232!!! You will have to let us see
  • Bought my dress online and don't have any issues! Sure, buying it in person might be ideal, but some of us can't afford it or find something they like. But the internet is at your fingertips! I paid less than $100 for my dress, while the cheapest one DB had in the store was at least $199. I don't like DB anyway, so I was glad to be able to support a little mom and pop sort of online shop.
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    Thank you all!  I did kind of the same. I ended up buying a dress online for $150. It was too big and when I tried it on, it did not look as good as I'd I did buy another dress about 4x as much because I gave into pressure of not having my dress. I will see if I can get the dress that I'd purchased online altered into a reception type dress. Wish me luck!

  • I ordered my dress for $125 from  You have the option of ordering a size, like "12" or you can do the custom measurements and they will make a dress to your specs for $25 more.  I went with that option, so my dress would have been $100 had I not.  The quality is fantastic.  I am needing to pay for additional alterations, but that's because I have lost weight and I ordered the dress to fit me at my biggest, incase I didn't.
  • It depends on the site. You can buy from tradesy,, bride power, once wed andprobably a few other rreputable sites and have good resukts. Ebay and etsy are iffy, you may get a Chinese knockoff or you can get the real deal. On ebay the key is looking at feedback, buying from a actual person (not one of those "shops")and asking tons of questions.

    key is be careful and if you find a website that seems to good to be probably is.
  • Thanks ladies! Great feedback


  • @tonyarenay, did you get the gown you bought online altered?  Are both dresses almost ready to go?
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  • @goldchocobo‌, I did not get online dress altered because seamstres said alterations would cost more than dress. So I guess I will try to sale on Craigslist. As far as my new dress, I havent gotten that altered yet. That seamstress said I have until 10/13 to finish losing weight before final alterations. Thanks for asking.
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