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Help me choose our dessert

CrazyCatLady3CrazyCatLady3 member
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edited April 2014 in Luxury Weddings
Hi ladies,

I am in the process of choosing our menu selections.  Our package comes with wedding cake and our choice of a plated dessert.  I haven't chosen the wedding cake flavors yet, but if we have a fruity plated dessert I will do a chocolate wedding cake and if we have a chocolately plated dessert I will do vanilla wedding cake with fruity filling.  These are my 2 finalists for plated dessert options--which do you think guests would like best?  The first is an "All American Sampler" with a cherry coke granita, mini blueberry hand pie with vanilla gelato, and a warm nutella s'more.  The second option would be a caramelized peach crisp baked in individual mason jars with vanilla ice cream.

Also, when guests arrive at their seats they will have chocolate dipped brownie cube pops as favors, and at the end of the night we are having strawberry marscapone and nutella banana kronuts butlered to the dance floor, so that should factor in to the sweets provided.


Re: Help me choose our dessert

  • I need a moment to get over the "strawbwerry marscapone and nutella banana kronuts" before I can reply...  OMG that sounds amazing.  I've been dieting too long. Sigh.
  • I need a moment to get over the "strawbwerry marscapone and nutella banana kronuts" before I can reply...  OMG that sounds amazing.  I've been dieting too long. Sigh.
    Lol, here you go:image  I am coaching myself on my current diet by telling myself I can totally pig out on my wedding day.  :)
  • that's not helping lol
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I hate you for posting those pictures!!! I like the variety of the first dessert option though :)
  • alm&mdmalm&mdm member
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    edited April 2014
    Thank goodness I killed myself at the gym today and don't have any desire to drool over food now.

    They are both very pretty plated desserts. I really love the idea of the sampler. Even if you don't like everything, you'll like at least one if not two. With the peach, some people not even try it even though it sounds yummy. 

    I always like variety and it'll seem really indulgent to have all 3 bites plus cake plus the late night sweet. 
  • I like the sampler idea as well! The peach crisps are adorable, but I think options are pretty clutch. Plus the "warm nutella s'more" part.
  • Yes, I agree on the options part - I vote option 1
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    I would prefer the cobbler and ice cream.  
  • Peach crisp and sampler. BTW that cake pop will be consumed before dinner if there is any type of delay worth the first course. I don't see that as a favor, but more of a sweet amuse Bucher lol.
  • Option 1!!
  • tcnobletcnoble member
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    edited June 2014
    It took me a minute to get past the thoughts of how FREAKING DELICIOUS your desserts are. 

    I would do the sampler. Like another PP said, some people might pass entirely on the peach dessert (I would not be one of those people) so the sampler offers a bit of everything.

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  • I would prefer option 1 myself. Yum!

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  • Another one for the sampler.  Always good to have options and the ice cream may melt if your guests are on the dance floor while the dessert is being served. 

    And OMG all of the sweets options sound AMAZING

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