personalized hershey bars

anyone know where i can get them for a good price. I m trying to look it up but there are so many places. Figured i'd ask if anyone had any reviews( good or bad) . Thanks for any help.

Re: personalized hershey bars

  • Not sure where to get for a good price, but I would love to get those as a favor if I were a guest at your wedding.
  • I haven't looked but I'm guessing you could buy wrappers from Etsy or somewhere (or DIY) and then just apply over the original wrapper yourself.

    BTW, if you are from PA or having your wedding in PA I think that would add to the awesomeness of this favor.

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    I did these as shower favors by my daughter.    Made my own in "word".  I'm really not computer saavy either.  Just had a picture of my daughter and her fiance with the date and a short thank you.  There are tons of ideas on line.  Then cut to fit over the existing Hershey wrapper.  Super simple and very inexpensive.  Only took a few hours to do 50.  Good luck.

  • Our wedding was Saturday and the ones I found turned out great . Its not letting me post a pic for some reason.


  • here is the front of ours. theback said thank yo for sharing ou special day


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    I just bought some from the Knot shop last week. They were on sale.
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    I DIY'd them myself.  Didn't take super long.  I just watched tv while I wrapped them.  I went to BJs (or whatever bulk store you want) and bought a few boxes.

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