Hair & makeup for MOB age 58 in Louisville, KY

I am looking for a recommendation for a place/places to get hair and makeup done in Louisville, KY in July of this year, 2014. I need someone who can do tasteful and conservative makeup without it settling into all my wrinkles, scars, etc. My hair is the usual? middle-aged, color-treated, dry, thinning, mid-length, and I do NOT want an up-do. Any help would be appreciated. I had a great result with a Chicago-land salon, but a disastrous experience in Vancouver. So I am looking for personal recommendations, especially for my age and situation.

Re: Hair & makeup for MOB age 58 in Louisville, KY

  • Go see Karen at Joseph's Salon and Spa for the hair.  She is absolutely fantastic.  Also, go to the Oxmoor Mall MAC counter to do a make up test.  I know you're thinking "MAC, that's for younger girls!"  MAC did my Mom for special events, and did a fantastic job, and she's older than you--65.  They have all the bright color and glitter options, but that doesn't mean you have to ask for them.  If you don't ask for the wild make up, they are very subtle.
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