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We are getting married on a cruise. We have invited everyone that we would have if we would be getting married here. Some of our guest list has expressed they will not attend. And that they would like to throw us a going away party. I really feel bad about this and feel we should throw a party and invite all guest on our list so no one feels left out. Being we have different groups of friends and our family is large. I would rather do this and invite the whole guest list not just one group or one side the family. But don't want people the think it just for a gift because they are not cruising with us. What should we do??

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  • yes, invite everyone to the going-away party, whether they are cruising or not.
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  • We don't really want the party. Family and friends want to throw it. Because they will not be able to attend. I don't want them to have to feel the need. When we planned to get married it was just going to be us but some family and friends wanted to come. So we invited all. I don't want our family to throw a party and others feel like they are not invited as well. 
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    I completely understand your mindset and in fact I posted a very similar question because I am in the same boat!!! We are getting married in sunny California and my family isn't from there. They all want me to have a party for them so that they can still celebrate with me but not have to travel to Cali or in your case pay for a cruise. 

    Of course you want to get married on a cruise! It's romantic and fancy and it what you want. I can tell you just want to please everyone and I feel the same way, but at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with having the wedding you want even if it is inconvenient for some people. As long as the people you truly NEED to have there are able to make it, the rest can send their congratulations and politely decline to attend. You invited them: it's their choice to come or not, ya know? 

    What I am thinking of doing is a "Send off" party right before we leave for the wedding. Just a casual, BBQ and good time, but I am hearing that it may be gift grabby. My hope is that if I word the Send Off invitation just right, people will be able to see that it's not a ploy for more gifts, but just a plea to satisfy my unhappy family that can't afford to travel. I'd love to hear what you decide on this :) Hope that helps a little. 
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    If you don't want the party then decline the offer.

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