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Anyone familiar with Melbourne FL area hotels? HELP!

We are trying to find the best hotel for my fiance and I and our guests to stay at on our wedding weekend next April. I have been looking into the ones on the beach like the Radisson, Hilton Melbourne and Doubletree Melbourne. Is anyone familiar with these hotels? Which one would be the most fun, and would offer the best experience? Which one has the nicest beach and is not rocky? I tried looking online at reviews, and they all seem about the same. Help! 

Re: Anyone familiar with Melbourne FL area hotels? HELP!

  • HI!
    I just got married at the Hilton Melbourne Oceanfront last weekend! The hotel was beautiful, the food was great, the pool and beach access were nice too. The beach was not rocky at all. I walked down there barefoot in my wedding dress for pictures.
    We looked at the Radisson. All I can say is EWWW. The entire first floor smelled like sewage backup.
    All I know about the Doubletree is it is owed by Hilton, so I'm sure it is as nice.
    Good luck!
  • Crown Plaza Mel Beach is nice. I was in a wedding there and we spent the night.
  • Thanks ladies! This helps!
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