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North Dakota

Wedding/Reception locations... help!

Hey girls!! Im looking for a reception location that doesnt require outrageous charges for catering - something where i can just rent the facility and bring in my own catering that is relatively cheap but nice in the fargo.moorhead area. Im also wondering if anyone knows of any cute country churches/chapels where a wedding could be held? Any ideas would be great!! Ive checked out hotels, rose creek, the avalon and the plains art museum and everything is like around the $4000 dollar range and thats just too much for me and my fiance.


Re: Wedding/Reception locations... help!

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    go look at Bonanzaville for both the church and reception

    also, a Friday wedding will save you about 1,500
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    A Friends House is ADORABLE! Mostly outside though....Also the Hjemkomst Center! Here is the web address.http://www.hjemkomstcenter.com/ Reasonable pricing but they have an absolutely gorgeous little church outside the actual building. It is pretty small though....
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    Look into A Friend's House... your are allowed to bring in your own food!  Prices are less on Friday as well.

    Good luck!
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    You could try ElZegal too, they have been great for us very willing to let us do what we want, you have the faciity for 2 days plus a kitchen to use.
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    A Friends House is really pretty; it was one of the first places we checked into for our wedding, but it was out of our price range. If I remember right it was about 5500 just to rent the place, no food/drinks included. I know the Tupperware building in Fargo lets you have your own food. It's not the most gorgeus venue in the world for a reception but it would get the job done. It was actually my first thought, too, to bring my own catering, but I couldn't find a place that I liked that would let me do it. The venue I ended up choosing (Legends Event Center behind the Speedway in West Fargo) requires you to get your food through them, but it is reletively inexpensive and if you have meals for more than 150 people, you don't have to pay a fee to rent the room. Good Luck!
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    I too looked for a place I could bring my own food with no luck. I ended up going with the WF VFW which is really inexpensive compared to most hotels. The outside of the building isn't anything great but the room they use for weddings is actually really nice and their food is good.

    Little things that keep popping up sure do add up though.

  • We're having our reception May 4th at the Fargo Air Museum--you can bring in your own food.
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