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My theoretical baker will hate me.

One of the more fun things I'm dreaming up is my cake.  My current idea is to do a teapot cake in "sane person" chocolate or yellow with equally tame choc/vanilla frosting.  Surrounding the tea pot will be a bunch of mug cupcakes in some more fun flavors:  earl grey/lemon cupcakes with vanilla or lemony frosting (not sure); pumpkin spice/chai cupcakes with cinnamon ginger frosting; and jasmine cupcakes with green tea frosting.

I know that it's considered bad luck for the bride to bake the cake, but I'm tempted to do it in order to save money.  One of my hobbies is cooking and baking, and I have made cakes that have been raved about......

My chief problem is I have no artistic talent.  I can flavor frosting, make ganache, execute an upside down cake, get a red velvet cake that perfect red without being dry or taste like dye, etc.  It will function as delicious, but fondant and modeling chocolate are beyond me.  Hence the need for the baker -- I can make all the stuff I just described, but I can't make it pretty enough to serve to guests without showing up on Cakewrecks.  Many bakers don't do the flavors I listed.  Any suggestions other than slipping the baker my recipes (and possibly insulting their skills ><)?

Re: My theoretical baker will hate me.

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    The baker I used is known for some out there flavors, so depending on where you are that might not be that hard to find. 

    Have you talked to any bakers about custom flavors? Or is it the inclusion of the tea flavors thats getting you? cause lemon and pumpkin aren't that crazy?

  • Most bakers have a list of flavors they are confident working with on their website -- if I don't see it, I'm somewhat hesitant to suggest it.  I've seen this in business that the vendor (be it cakes, music, database management, website design, whatever) or employee will say, "Sure, I can do it!  Whatever you want!" And then it comes back, and it's not what their employer wanted --  the person paying them has lost time by being their crash test dummy.  How many cake tastings do you give a baker before you throw in the towel?

    I'm in the UK right now, and pumpkin really isn't a big flavor over here.  Lemon/earl grey has better chance of success, but the jasmine thing has me a bit worried too. 
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    The bad luck thing is news to me. I baked my own wedding cake. But it was pretty basic cake.

    A baker can do pretty much any flavor you want. Once you start meeting with bakers, talk to them and see if they're open to it.
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    I've never heard of being bad luck, just a bad idea.  It can be time consuming and as the bride you have a lot of other stuff going on.  Plus some venues would not allow food that was not prepared in a professional kitchen.  
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  •  i am a hobby baker and i do cupcakes and cake pops on the side where i live. i test out every new flavor and recipe, sometimes i get it perfect the first time and it taste good that i will add it on my website as a new flavor, sometimes it takes me a few tries or the recipe was a flop and the flavor is no good then i will scratch that off my list.  like you i can take a cupcake and turn it into something amazing i do out of the box flavors and my decorations are usualy unique toppings like fruit various sauces drizzled. cookies and i now use candy moulds to make chocolate and use them as toppers. but when it comes to fondont and gumpaste and modeling cholcolate forget it

    a good baker tries out all recipes before hand do your research and find out who has good reviews as your local board for recommendations. call them up and ask if you can sample some flavors.

    go to  a few places to see who has the most amazing flavor and go from there
  • Most places I've looked at won't even let home bakers / cooks serve their food. Be sure to check into that with your venue if you do decide to bake on your own.
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