My Fiance and I are getting married in December and were thinking of a winter wonderland theme. We want to give the guests something that can be used and then once the season is over tossed because I know I toss most of the favors I get. We were thinking of doing a mason jar filled with matches, a sandpaper lid, and a votive candle on top. It's hard to visualize.

image The, the candle would sit right on top and it would all be wrapped in a nice clear bag. It would not be personalized. Thoughts? 

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  • It's not terrible, like a koozie or anything that says "John loves Jane."  But I just have so much stuff, and I'd just be putting this in a drawer at home.  Can you put the money towards an extra passed appetizer, or a surprise at the end of the wedding like mini breakfast foods, late night snack, etc.?  Favors are so overrated.
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    It's ok, depending on scent, I might or might not use. I really don't need matches though.....I have a huge package of them here. If you really want to do favors, I'd just stick to edible. Their crowd pleasers and most people will eat them up.
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    Meh.....not a fan. Candle scents are so personal. 
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    I never burn candles so I would really have no need for this.  I would probably take it to be nice but then it would either end up in the trash or shoved into a junk drawer.

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