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Opinions or experience with The Thayer hotel v. Feast at Round Hill, or others.

I am searching for a venue in the Hudson Valley and have come across two that I really like and is within my budget. What are your thoughts on The Thayer Hotel and on FEAST at Round Hill? Pros, cons, preferences. Is there a 3rd venue you'd recommend?

Re: Opinions or experience with The Thayer hotel v. Feast at Round Hill, or others.

  • Although neither place suited our style (and Round Hill was frankly too small, even though it's a couple miles from my fiance's parents' house), both were very nice and accommodating during our venue visit. 

    Thayer :
    Out of town guests (if you have any) can stay right there at the hotel. That was a big plus in my view.
    Lots of beautiful land at West Point to go take photos
    Beautiful ceremony location on the water.

    Indoor spaces kind of small and dark.

    Round Hill:
    Pros: Coordinator seemed very nice to work with.
    Cute area upstairs for bride to get ready.
    Beautiful ceremony space outdoors.
    Lots of beautiful areas to take photos.

    Dance floor area way too small and dark.
    Dance floor and dining area felt separated because they are different rooms (that may be a good thing for some people, we didn't like it). This means if you have a guest list over 125, they will have to crowd into the small dance floor room to see you during your first dance (instead of being able to sit at their tables).
    Dining area decoration seemed old. (But that may be your style.)

    Someone I know just chose Round Hill for her wedding in over a year. So it may be a great venue if you are looking for quaint and expect no more than 125-150 guests. 

    Disclosure: The venue I ended up choosing is Falkirk Estate, which is more of a large ballroom/golf club venue.

    Although I don't know their price ranges, if you haven't already you could take a look at Catlin Gardens and Brotherhood Winery.
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    be wary of Catlin Gardens. I heard they are going into foreclosure. 

  • delainanicoleJean0715, Thanks for the tip! I'll steer clear. Just heard ReBar in Brooklyn went bankrupt. Feel terrible for all the couples losing their money.
  • I was married to my first husband at the Thayer.  It was perfect, we got married on the lawn outside overlooking the Hudson.  The cocktail hour was part outside and inside.  The only negative was every guest needed there id to get onto the miltary base. 
  • I had my prom at the Thayer, and it is a gorgeous setting, especially in late spring (if that's what you're going for). I'm not sure how a wedding is there though. We visited FEAST in October, and I wasn't blown away by the space. The building is beautiful, but I didn't love how everything was set up outside. It was also very close to the road. The food was amazing though.
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