Different favors for male/female guests

So my mom came up with an idea I love for favors for my wedding - making sunflower hair clips. They're based on this picture:
cool with button center
We're going to use small fake sunflowers and replace the centers with vintage buttons and put on a back for a hairclip (might also experiment with brushing the sunflowers with brown powder/dye so they're more vintage looking).  I love the idea because the look will match my venue really well, plus super cheap, and theoretically a couple people might actually feel like keeping them.  But I'm pretty sure male guests are not going to get much of a kick out of having a floral hair clip to wear.  Trying to come up with a fun idea of something for male guests... Any ideas?

We're goofy people, so totally good with qwirky ideas.  The venue has a very 'vintage' look which has kinda developed into a theme of sorts, so any ideas that might go with that would be cool.  We're giving the groomsmen top hats, canes and pocketwatches to take goofy pictures because we know they'll have fun with that.  I keep thinking we could extend that idea into the favors, but can't think of anything that makes sense.

My fiancee is in the military, and an initial plan of ours had been to special order military coins to give as wedding favors, so we could maybe still do that for just the guys, but I picture a lot of those getting left behind.

Thanks for any ideas!

Re: Different favors for male/female guests

  • Totally forgot to mention - we also plan on having small boxes of hard candies that my aunt makes and is giving us for the wedding.  I just tend to think that candy favors are really generic and kinda an afterthought.  I'm pretty sure every wedding I've been to had the exact same after-dinner mints and color coordinated m&ms in little jars. 

    I figure the flower pins will be at least fun to wear that night, and give the favors a little something extra to add to the generic box of candy. But I don't want only half our guests to get an extra gift, while the rest dont
  • I would never wear that. Not even for the night, especially not for the night because I've already done my hair and any hair accessories I'm wearing go with my outfit. Not to mention my current hairstyle is not conducive to putting a clip in. I'd actually see more of these getting left behind than the coins. The coins can be slipped into a pocket and even if they don't like them they can give them or sell them to someone who collects them. The reason you see those after dinner mints and m&ms is because people actually take those and eat them. Stick with the candy. Even if it doesn't get taken you can eat it. I don't think you want a couple dozen hair clips or military coins.
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    Sorry OP, I would never wear that. I wouldn't even take that home. My DH would not be interested in a military coin. Edible is usually a crowd pleaser across both genders! I highly recommend!
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    I would never wear that, either. 
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  • I'd stick to an edible favor, or at least something that both men & women could use (and appreciate).  I went to a wedding once where the favor was simply a bookmark - just a bookmark!  It wasn't even particularly heavy or thick or "nice", but it had the bride & groom's names and the wedding date, and I'll be damned if I don't use it every day when I read.  The hair clip, on the other hand, is extremely limited in its uses and will not suit all tastes, unfortunately.
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    Could you do military chocolate coins? Now that I would take!


  • I would not take the favor, let alone wear it. It isn't my style, and I'm not into DIY, artsy craftsy looking wearables. Can you put this expense into an additional appetizer, more alcohol, a late night snack, etc.?
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