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June 2015 Weddings

Hi ladies!

Hi fellow June 2015ers! I just got engaged 4 days ago but I'm so excited to start planning! We are looking at June 6, 2015 as our wedding date. I'm already overwhelmed about where to start! I know it's good to get the big things like venue, date, dress, etc out of the way first. What were the first things you've planned so far, if anything?

Re: Hi ladies!

  • Congrats!! Our date is June 6th as well!! We only started planning a few months ago, but we have already booked our venue, which will serve for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, including all catering and liquor (open bar). We also just booked our photographer last week. We're ahead of the game for sure, but I love planning ahead and keeping everything organized. Good luck to both of you and happy planning!!
  • OHBride85OHBride85 Columbus, OH member
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    Congrats on your engagement! How exciting!

    The first thing we did was set a budget and came up with an estimated guest list so we would know how big of a venue we would need.  After that went looking for venues, found the perfect one and set the date. We're getting married June 20, 2015 and I am so excited!

    We have a lot planned already and I know it's early to have a lot done but I think it will help make me less stressed in the long run!
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  • Congratulations and welcome to the June 2015 board!!
  • LlikotdesserdLlikotdesserd member
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    Congratulations! The first thing we did was bask in the glow of being engaged.


    We knew we wanted a long engagement in order to save as much money as possible, without putting an intense strain on our current financial situation (it will be 2 years and 1 week after he proposed that we finally tie the knot), so we took our time setting our budget (we actually didnt even fully set our budget until after we found our venue). We didn't really start looking at venues or anything until about 1.5 months after we got engaged. It took us several weeks of looking online for various different ideas to get a feel of what type of venue we wanted, and even then we went to 3 different places over the course of 4 or 5 weeks before finding a perfect place. It was the end of September when we booked our date, he proposed June 7th.

    After that, we found our band (booked just a few weeks ago), my dress (purchased on Valentine's Day) and our photographer (booking next week). Next up is catering!

  • I think we were a little ahead of the game too..within a week of the engagement we had booked our venue (which will host the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception), and they required a contracted caterer, so we booked them too. In my area dates were already filling up fast and we actually got the last available date in June 2015, we booked in February.
  • hi date twin! I'm also June 6 2015. I'm so excited! I placed a deposit on my venue and that's it. I plan to hire an officiant, DJ, and photographer soon and I plan to ask some friends and cousins to be my bridesmaids soon!
  • Hi Ladies,

    First post on a bridal site...excited to be part of the June 2015 club! My fiance and I are getting married on June 27th 2015 on Long Island.

    Because we live in Philly, I've been doing the planning in chunks. Crazilly enough, in February we booked the venue, and I just got back from wedding planning part II, and booked a DJ, ceremony music, about to book a florist, and (!) picked the dress. I'm just going to hope I like my taste 14 months from now!

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's stories :)
  • Hi,

    We first looked around at the venues to see how much it would be to have a wedding, then based off of that we set a budget.  It's also helpful to use the knot budget tracker, to keep track of everything. 
  • Hi - CONGRATS!!! Looks like I'm a little late to the game but thought I'd add my bit anyway :)

    We got engaged in December of 2013 and are getting married June 6th as well! We have booked the church, the reception site, the photographer, and hair & makeup. I wanted to book a lot of the important date sensitive stuff early on so we didn't lose it since June can be a busy & popular month -- for now we are taking it easy and working on the rest at a casual pace. GL with everything :)
  • Venue and photography.

  • We were engaged January 1/2014 and were getting married June 20/2015. Venue, decorator, photographer all booked so that we don't run into issues booking for a June wedding. It's a busy wedding season so it's good to get it all done ahead of time. It's also a lot less stress later on!!!
  • Hi there! We got engaged on April of 2013 and are also going to get married on June 6th, 2015. Luckily the venue we booked has so much included, so after booking in March we were able to take a break for a bit. We are just starting to plan again. We have a ton of weddings to go to this year so it helps to see what others are doing.

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