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Photographer for ceremony, Eastern CO. Also, options other than DB?

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I am looking for a photographer to do our ceremony only. I have several friends and family members who take good pictures for the reception, and I really only care about the ceremony pics. 

So, we're out in Eastern Colorado. FAR east. Vona. It's past Limon. The wedding is in August this year, I've asked my FIFML to look into photographers, but no luck yet. Mostly people have family friends do it, and there's one or two people around who do, but the quote I've seen was anywhere from 700-2000$. We need a photographer for about three hours. 

So I need to look into photographers who will travel out this far, for only a ceremony. Or someone in this area I don't know of or haven't heard of. I have a very small budget for the wedding, we're paying for it ourselves, so anywhere in the range of $500 is the ticket. We don't even need prints, just digital copies. (It's common to ask for the digital copies, isn't it?) I had 'roommate' pictures taken in college, and you would have thought we were asking him to give us his camera when we asked for the digital pictures. 

I have also seen a lot of horror stories about Davids Bridal. I currently have an appointment, and I would like to find some other suggested places to go dress shopping while I'm going into Denver. Any suggestions would be awesome!

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Re: Photographer for ceremony, Eastern CO. Also, options other than DB?

  • I can't help with any direct recommendations, but some places to look that might help.

    Craigslist - You could do a post looking for a photographer and provide all your stipulations. Also, try searching for photographers who have posts on Craigslist. They may be more willing to travel.

    Have you tried looking into photographers yet in Denver or Colorado Springs? Or what about a little closer with Limon, Lamar, or Goodland? I looked at the City of Burlington website because I like their business finder but sadly no photographers are listed.

    Is there anywhere you can put up flyers looking for a photographer where people in the community will see?

    Now this one may be a little more out of the box then you'd like. At the fair 4-H has a photography competition and some of those entries are pretty darn awesome. Maybe you could see if there's a Kit Carson County 4-H high schooler who you could make into a wedding photog?
  • Not sure about photogs - but for dresses, both of my daughters purchased their wedding dresses from D'Anelli in Lakewood.  Both got bridesmaid dresses there too.  Carol is awesome to work with, she has a good eye and is honest about how dresses look on brides.
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    My sister-in-law lives in Byers and does beautiful photography.  Check her page out on Facebook and if you are interested, give her a shout.  Please tell her I recommended you.  Good luck!


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