Wedding Woes

One more day 'til the weekend

And DH gets home tomorrow.  I was soooo... happy to tell DefConn that we only had one more day.  ;)

I'm going into the office for a thing tomorrow.  I'm excited to see my peeps. 

Car is still broken. They still don't know what is wrong. 

Oh and my HOA thing is still not resolved.  That's a fucking racket.

Re: One more day 'til the weekend

  • Car update:  The engine is screwed up and they have to send it out to get it repaired.  It's covered under warranty.  I just have to pay for a battery.  And we're getting a rental.  Boo to bad engine, yay to warranties. 
  • Awesome news on the car and warranty and your DH coming home.

    WTF @ the HOA stuff?  Why/how is it taking so long?

  • I do not have my money back, the HOA's lawyer lady sucks at responding...ever.  I am seeking legal counsel at this time.  
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    But yay warranties.

    I'll have put in my 40 hours by the end of today, but I have a meeting to go to on my day off tomorrow.  On the plus side, that means that next tues I can flex off w/o taking PToO
  • My mom just told me that there are only 3 houses on the market in an active status in my neighborhood. Everything else has sold.  w00t!

    Our house is going up in about a week and a half.  Quick sale, no whammies.  ;) 
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    Quick sale, fast car fixing!  How would the HOA snafu hurt the house sale?  What effers.

    I was prepared to do rainy day stuff today, but It's not raining.  I set up a playdate in the park tomorrow and now it's supposed to rain.

    My kids have eaten so much today.

    6let: 2 scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, granola
    M2: yogurt, granola, sunflower seeds
    Max: Cheese stick, grapes, yogurt, 2 serving granola

    and strawberries all around.  It's 9:30.

    FYI: The pumpkin flaxseed granola for Costco is the shit.

  • I am going to commit murder in my office.  The printer has been on the fritz for some time; it works, but it makes this horrible grinding noise while printing, but it isn't constant.  Repair guy had been out a few times, but of course, the noise didn't happen while he was here.  

    Yesterday, I timed how long and how many people stood around bitching about the printer noise.  It was 27 minutes at one time and then added up to about 17 minutes through the day.  And they're loud about it and annoying.  And I'm tired of hearing the harping and complaining, it's been going on for about a week and a half, nearly 2.

    This morning, someone came into my office and started on the printer issue and I said, "I'm tired of hearing the complaining about the printer".  She said, "Well, I guess I'll keep my mouth shut then," and kind of huffed off.  I'll go make peace later, I can't do it tonight.

    I'm at the halfway point of week from hell.  Zumba tonight!
  • Today I'm taking the kids clothes shopping.  Son needs summer clothes and swim trunks.  DD1 needs a swim suit.

    I got some great deals yesterday on the flash sale at The Children's Place.  Six outfits (4 for DD1, 2 for DD2) and four headbands for $32 and free shipping.

  • I'm hoping to get the HOA stuff resolved ASAP, but the issue is that I don't have my money.  I'm NOT shelling out another dime until someone gives me my money back.  
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    This week is all over the place.

    Work has me convinced that I need to get my resume in working order, I'm just kind of overwhelmed with the idea of leaving now.  But if I have to, I will.  *I hate conflict*

    H's regifted VIVOfit is awesome.  He even bought me new straps, in "girly" colors that I love.
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