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Venue help!

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So my fiance and I are having issues finding a venue. I want country, rustic, simple, southern, and preferably with a barn. I thought hey we live in Texas easy! I was so wrong about that. I need a venue that can easily hold 200 guests, is in an hours drive from Greenville, and only costs $2000 or less (we are paying for everything). We found a venue that I love but when we got back in town and our mothers saw the price they quickly convinced my fiance to go cheaper, then we looked at another venue today, it was ok, but the managers are hard to get a hold of, they scheduled us during a wedding and just seem flakey. I feel as if I have looked at every venue in Texas and there always something that prevents it from being the one.

Re: Venue help!

  • Do you live in Greenville? That's where I'm from! There is a place that a friend of mine used and it's outside of Commerce, it's called Under the Oaks, I think they only have a facebook page, so try searching for it.
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  • I live right outside of it. Thanks. I'll look into them. :-)
  • We have friends who got married at Shadowridge Farm in Terrell (I think that is close to Greenville?), and it was a beautiful setting. I'm not sure of the pricing though.

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