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Lots of bad dads today...sheesh

Dear Prudie,
I graduated from law school several years ago and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I had allowed my parents to persuade me of their dream for me—becoming an attorney. Law school was hell, academically and socially. I was miserable and filed the necessary paperwork to leave. My father told me that if I completed law school that he would pay all the loans I took out. I believed him because he had paid for college and he also showed me some of his accounts to ensure that he would be able to pay without bankrupting himself. I resumed classes and upon graduation, when I inquired about loan repayments, my father said that he never intended to pay, that he lied to me to get me to finish school, and that I was on my own. He stated that there was nothing I could do because there was no contract (obviously a major mistake on my end) and no witnesses, and he doesn’t care what I have to deal with. I am disgusted that he has no remorse and is so smug at getting away with deceiving me. I now have twice the debt Iwould have if I had I left school. How do I get over this betrayal?

—Resentful Daughter

Re: Lots of bad dads today...sheesh

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    I'm sure this isn't the only red flag family issues going on. All she can do is wait for him to the kick the bucket so she can pay off her debt. That is if he hasn't written her out of the will.
  • Wow, that was really cruel of the father.  Let her drop out if it isn't what she wants - what difference did it really make to her if she continued or if she found another job? 

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    I wonder if dear old dad is a lawyer?
  • I wonder how many nuisance lawsuits she can tie him up with until he just gives up and ponies up the cash.
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    Since you are a law school grad -- try to remember concepts like equitable estoppal & detrimental reliance.  You may have statute of frauds problems but you may as well give it a shot. 
  • I'm wondering if she's even an actual attorney or if she just has her JD.

    Her dad is an asshole.
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