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Tip for Alterations?

Do you tip your alterations lady? Becky is doing my dress and I didn't know if you are supposed to tip. I assume you are. 

Re: Tip for Alterations?

  • Good question, she is doing mine as well.  I have my first appointment with her in a few weeks.

    Come to think of it, how many appointments am I going to have?  If she is going to have to shorten the dress, take it in on the sides and add a bustle, does she do it in stages and I come in after each stage??

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  • @laurakay0705, she will work with your schedule as far as fittings and do as many as are necessary.

    As for the tip, I tipped her 20%.  She's making THE DRESS look absolutely gorgeous and she is the nicest freakin' lady out there.  I would have tipped her 100% if I could.  She tried to turn it down, but I insisted.



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