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very casual wedding dj worth it?

So we are having a very casual wedding, more of a family bbq except for 10 minutes while we say our vows. We are keeping some traditions, like the bridal party and dances, however, our budget is super small. I'm starting to think an ipod and a speaker set up would be better than going into the whole dj/mcee thing. I have a friend who's a professional dj with her husband and gave us a great quote of $450 and even offered to snap photos like they do at their other events (they do weddings regularly), but I'm not sure I want the whole set up. Any suggestions from anyone who went the no dj no band route or attended a wedding that went this way.

Re: very casual wedding dj worth it?

  • We used a laptop and Spotify to DJ our wedding, along with equipment borrowed from an ex-DJ friend of ours. I made two playlists: one for dinner (soft, low-key background music), and one for dancing. It was pretty time-consuming but fun. Our dancing playlist started with our first dance song, so all we had to do was press play and get started. We didn't really have any toasts or announcements, so there was no need for an MC. People danced all night long! 

    I've also attended a wedding that used pro speakers and a laptop + iPod. Like our wedding, it was awesome and people danced all night.

    The two most important things are (1) a good playlist with plenty of popular dance songs from different eras, and (2) decent speakers that can get the music loud enough to encourage dancing, which can probably be rented from your local party rental company if your venue doesn't have a sound system.
  • Thank you for your input. The majority of our guests are family and a few friends, so the only toast really is going to be ours thanking everyone for attending and announcing the favor, since it is not a typical bag of candy or candle.
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    We are also borrowing equipment from a friend and making our own playlist.  It's been a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    That being said, $450 is a great price for a DJ.  I don't know your overall budget, but if that fits into it, I think it's a steal.
  • @melbenso I know the price is a steal, they are a great dj service here in nepa, and the wife even offered to help cook food for the reception since we are friends. Just weighting options right now, its good to know that there are other people going the playlist route though and finding it easy. We have to sit down and pick out our music for specific dances and then in general maybe once we do that we'll be able to make a decision. Thanks for your input :)

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