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New Jersey

Westmount Country Club Florists

Hi, I just booked the Westmount CC for January 2015. Which florist is the best regarding pricing? I'm not doing flower centerpieces, how much money would that save on average. Thank you all for the insight!

Re: Westmount Country Club Florists

  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    Hi! I'm a Westmount bride also for March 2015 and have a friend getting married there in November. I havent met with the florists yet, but she preferred Pedestals. This is the note she had sent me on it:
    "I decided to work with Robert from Pedestals florist.  The other florist I met is in the Westmount and is Atlas. The guy at Atlas's name is Matthew. They will both work with you and with your budget. I felt that Robert had better ideas and understood my point of view for the wedding. "
  • My sister was a Westmount bride and she worked with Robert at Pedestals, he came highly recommended from a few of her friends who have gotten married in NJ and in LI. He was BEYOND amazing, and I am using him for my Park Savoy wedding next month. He has been SUPER helpful, will work in your budget, and they are very creative. I highly recommend (and hopefully will be proven right once again on April 12!) Robert at Pedestals.
  • I am a December 2014 Bride & am meeting with Matt at Atlas this weekend...I will keep you guys in the loop as to what happens....I personally am not a big fan of flowers so I am leaning more towards candles or something like it so we will see how that goes!
  • So I had my appt with Atlas and let's say I was less than thrilled with how it went down. To start he took numerous calls during my meeting which I found incredibly rude.

    THEN he tried to tell me that the wedding that was currently going on upstairs had centerpieces that were $150 a table...mind you I could understand bc they were rather large and full of big flowers. BUT then he tried to tell me the 3 cylinders I wanted with 1 orchid inside and a floating candle was also $150 a table. I mean give me a break...who is he kidding?!

    I tried to explain to him that I had a $3k budget bc 1 I am paying for this wedding myself and #2 we bought a home and are remodeling it. He proceeded to tell me he couldn't do it within that budget and normally his weddings are $5-6k minimum. I told I'm well you aren't getting anymore money out of me because there simply isn't anymore to be had lol. I am not very pleased at all and very annoyed that we have to use one of their florists because clearly they jack up the prices.
  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    Yikes! Thanks for the feedback Laur. Seems in line with what others have experienced from him. Have you set up appointments with the other florists? 
  • @ctr24, I am planning to reach out to pedestals to see if I can meet them. Otherwise I am planning to contact the WCC and ask them if I don't have flowers and just have candles if I still need to go through their florists bc I would rather than just hire a wedding planner for like $1,000 to set everything up that I can buy myself for a fraction of the cost.
  • @laur6327, thanks for your feedback. I am meeting with Atlas in 2 weeks and planning on contacting Pedestals after that if I'm unhappy. Please let me know what happens with Pedestals.

  • I am also a Westmount Bride for March 2015 and need to contact the florists. I knew they were expensive but $5K-$6k minimum is insane and my budget is more along the lines of $3K-$3500. Has anyone gone to Spitz and Peck?
  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    edited April 2014
  • I just had to call Atlas again because he refuses to respond to any of my emails. I am scheduled to meet with him tomorrow to go over what his idea for my table was actually put together but I am just becoming more and more frustrated with him. I am meeting with Pedastal's May 7th and so far just from the email responses alone I like them better!

    I just received an email from Spitz & Peck about coming in to see them but I don't really know much about them.

  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    Has anyone met with Pedestals at their showroom vs. at the Westmount? It would be easier for us to meet them at the westmount but think we might see more of their work if we went to their showroom. 
  • @ctr24 you should follow their facebook and instagram they post pictures alll the time.
  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    @laur6327 Thanks! Great tip
  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    @laur6327 @ana1313 @ekagan5 How is everyone's florist search going? We're meeting with Atlas and Pedestals next weekend to see some samples and are they keep trying to push us beyond our budget. If people are interested, I can post photos of what they put together and what prices we get quoted.
  • @ctr24....I went with Pedastals...he wasn't pushy with me at all. Atals however, was very. I am getting the rest of my flowers besides centerpieces elsewhere as it was a huge cost savings for me that way.

    How much are the quoting you?
  • ctr24ctr24 member
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    We have 160 guests and want to keep flowers under $4k. We aren't getting any flowers for the church and are asking for the following. We know we have a fairly large bridal party but was hoping that because we aren't picky about types of flowers and would be fine with whatever is in season, that would help with the expense.  

    1.  Bouquet:
       a.  Bride
       b. Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids - 7 total
    2.  Corsages - 5 total - These will be for our 3 grandmothers and 2 mothers.
    3.  Boutonnieres:
       a. Groom 
       b. Everyone else - 10 - 7 groomsmen, 2 fathers and 1 grandfather.
    4. Tables:
       a.  Name-Tag Table 
       b.  Sweetheart Table 
       c.  Centerpieces for Tables 

    We'll be discussing centerpieces this weekend but got the following quotes from Pedestals on the other flowers:
    brides bouquet is always 300
    girls bouquets are 85-95
    corsages are 25
    bouts are 10
    then you have a sweet heart table.. which could be anything, and the tag table which is usually a grand piece. so it really all depends on what you are looking for

    I was put off that he said brides bouquets are always $300. What if I wanted a bouquet of carnations and babys breath?  

    We asked if $150/centerpiece was reasonable and was told: 
    if you did candle centerpieces with some florals or all candles and the florals would be a low piece. we can also do a mix of highs and lows, but you might go over budget

    @laur6327 What kind of centerpieces are you getting? I didn't realize we could use someone else for the other flowers. That's a great tip! Who else are you using? Were you able to keep it all under $3k? 
  • Hi Ladies, I ended up going with Matt from Atlas. I was very taken aback from him with our first meeting. I thought he was very pushy and didn't have clear direction as to what i really wanted. We went back (even though I was hesitant) to check ou tthe samples and we absolutley loved them! He really does wonderful work. I have to say I did email him twice prior to meeting him for the samples, and he didn't respond. He does better with phone calls. We have about 180 people, getting church flowers, 5 bridesmaids, bride, 2 flower girls, 4 corsages, 12 flwoers for guys, center pieces, sweet heart table, and seating card table for around $4300. This is more than we originally budgeted but is work is beautiful and feel like it was worth it. I'll keep everyone posted!
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