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Hi everyone! 

I'm newly engaged! My fiance and I have set a date of 11/14/15. I know that we have plenty of time to plan, but we want the larger items like venues figured out well before we start getting into the minutia of wedding planning. 

I'm looking for ideas on ceremony locations. We live in Lewiston and our reception is being held at Skye Event Center. We really do not want our guests to travel very far of a distance out of town just to come back for the reception. So far we've looked at the Franco American Heritage Center's concert hall here in Lewiston, but I didn't like how there was no center aisle for me to walk down. We've also enquired about the chapel on Bates College's campus, but they do not book dates this far in advance. We want to make sure we consider an array of options and a big church just isn't one as we would like my groom's brother to marry us. 

We are open to pretty much any suggestions! 


Re: Ideas for Ceremony ONLY

  • How about at the falls? Or Lost Valley?
  • The falls would be beautiful, but mid-November will be pretty chilly. 

    Lost Valley would also be very nice if we could hold the ceremony outdoors, but the indoor reception area just wasn't us. 

    We are in contact with someone from the Royal Oak Room at Ironhourse Court. I have never seen the place, but the photos make it look very nice. We'll hopefully be able to set up a time to take a look soon!
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