Composite flower bouquet

Does anyone know if composite flower bouquet are hard to deal with? Do they wilt fast? Can you preserve them by simply drying them out after the wedding? I've only seen pictures from the internet. They look cool. 

Re: Composite flower bouquet

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    All the years I worked at a florist we never once made a composite bouquet so I can't speak to wilting and how long they last.  But if you just dry your bouquet out all color will be lost and you will just end up with shriveled and brown petals.  If you really want to preserve you bouquet you will most likely need a florist who has experience with preservation or send it to a preservation company.  Even when professionally preserved your bouquet will not last forever and will eventually start falling apart.  So it is best to make sure your photographer gets some amazing photos of it.

  • Thanks. Good to know. 
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