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Opinions requested: DIY votives

I have a floral centerpiece, same on all tables, with plums/burgundy/ivory/greens.  The container will be similar (a larger version) of the votive pic I've posted below.  I found these votive sized ones that I thought would be cool to match the floral container.  I'm having the centerpiece centered on the large napkin you see below with the white/green pattern.  I know I want to use votive candles on two opposite corners of the napkin, flanking either side of the floral centerpiece.  I guess you could say my theme (not that I really had one) is sort of modern woods.  So touches of wood and nature, with touches of modern patterns and design.  My venue is quite like this as well. 

Anyway...onto the DIY.  I wanted to perhaps wrap the square votive holders with color so I can have more pops of plum and so they aren't so plain.  I found some wide ribbon and overlapped it with a natural burlap-like ribbon.  Below are three ways I could possibly do it.  I like the clean lines of the two, but thought the more lacy burlap ribbon was different so I tried it out as an option.  I don't have the votives, haven't committed to that yet.  What do you think of the three ribbon versions?  Which one do you like best?  Pics are sideways but you get the drift.  One is the "lacy" burlap.  Two is burlap on plum. Three is plum on burlap.

Re: Opinions requested: DIY votives

  • I like the last two the best. Why not alternate? Love your color scheme by the way!
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    Honestly I'm not a huge fan of burlap. Because of that, I think that's why the "lacy burlap" initially caught my eye. My personal order of preference -
    1. Lacy burlap
    2. Plum ribbon on top of burlap
    3. Burlap on top of plum ribbon
    I think it also depends on how "busy" your centerpieces are. If they are more simple, the lacy burlap would be nice but if they are busier, you might want to go with the look of clean lines like you mentioned.

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    @jennyp37 - thanks! That's a good suggestion, too! @beachyone15 - I am not a fan of burlap, either. I literally just saw how much burlap there was at the craft store and was like...this is madness! But I like the small amount of natural color this ribbon provides.
  • I like the plum on burlap best.
  • @JasperandOpal - that is my FI's vote.  I just showed him my idea and I got his vote of approval.  Votives ordered!
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