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KFC catering?

Hi All!

Has anyone had their wedding food catered by KFC?

Re: KFC catering?

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    [QUOTE]Hi All! Has anyone had their wedding food catered by KFC?
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    [QUOTE]If you are considering this route I would consider Chick fil A. Their chicken is very good and they have excellent sides, fruit, cole slaw, salad etc. Much better in my opinion than KFC.
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    I wouldn't consider Chick Fil A, you know... because they are homophobic jerks.  But, that's just me.

    OP - I don't think I would use KFC.  If you want to do a picnic style reception and serve fried chicken, consider looking at local restaurants in your area who serve that food style. You can probably get it cheaper than using KFC.   Also, as weird as this sounds, walmarts who have an in-store deli serves fried chicken in large quantities as well as sides and their chicken is better than KFC and much less expensive.  It may be worth looking into if you have a super-walmart in your area.
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    Ditto cmg.  I use to LOVE Chick-fil-a.  Actually, I will admit it's still my favorite chicken sandwich.  However, I will not give them a dime now because of their views on gays and lesbians.  It's not even just their views, they spend 10's of millions of dollars (more?) from profits to actively protest gay marriage.  I would rather the profits from me not go to such causes.

    I don't have a problem with KFC if that is what you want.  But I would suggest to think outside the box.  There are a lot of mom and pop type places that catering for the same price.  Generally better quality and variety.


    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Thanks everyone! I'm trying to be cost effective...has anyone had bbq style meal? Where have you gone?
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    [QUOTE]Thanks everyone! I'm trying to be cost effective...has anyone had bbq style meal? Where have you gone?
    Posted by WKJKMO[/QUOTE]

    this is an international board, so where I would go is different than where you would go.

    Try talking to local restaurants around you.  If you have a favorite bbq spot, go talk to them about catering. 
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    If you have Boston Market (fast food chain) near your venue, I would vote for that.  They have catering, and can deliver (for an extra cost).  They will provide napkins, plates, etc. (if you wanted that) (for an extra cost).  I've done events catering with them and found them very good about special requests and so forth. Plus...

    1. They treat their employees better than Walmart OR KFC

    2. They make things that taste homemade, and have REALLY good sides

    3. They are a U.S.-based business who does not outsource, as company policy

    4. They are NOT discriminating towards glbt folks

    5. They have some items which are quite nutritionally sound, given their competitors

    6. They just came out with Ribs!
  • The thought of KFC makes me want to vomit.  Sorry.  
  • We priced it out, and not only was Walmart's chicken much better, it was a lot cheaper than KFC. We got mixed trays with three different kinds of chicken, which could be eaten with a fork.

    As far as BBQ goes, local restaurants are usually the best for that.

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  • I went to one and it was a great idea! $5.10 a person , I am considering it at my wedding chic filet is great but too far away from here I am.
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    @yellowbarnwedding2014 this thread is over a year old. It's not good practice to bump threads like this. The OP is long gone.

  • Having a KFC type of menu isn't bad as long as it fits the venue. I wouldn't want to go to a formal event in a really nice venue & get that type of menu. But for a more causal type of an event, I think it would work out just fine.

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    Edited to: Oops--just realized how old the original post was. My bad.
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    Whoops, didn't realize this was that old. Sorry, guys (also, I'm really curious if this girl had her KFC wedding).

    I almost fainted reading this. I would not do KFC- Every time I have eaten something from there I became extremely ill. Like, REALLY sick. And a few other people I know had the same experience. I would be worried about your guests having a moment like that scene in Bridesmaids. Unless you know for a fact that your guests absolutely go nuts over KFC.

    Instead, I would take a closer look at local BBQ places. Hell, even Boston Market would be a good start.

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