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Enagement ring probs :'( need advice.

Hello all you wonderful ladies,

I wanted to share my engagement ring story because I need to vent and I would like some advice. So, on April 13 of this year, my fiance proposed to me with a beautiful slightly non traditional e-ring that I picked out online with him. The ring is a small/medium size natural beautifully cut white opal solitaire in a halo of white topaz in a white gold and sterling silver setting. It's my dream ring, so flippin gorgeous. I'm not really a diamond girl since I prefer a lot of color. However I have had some problems with the ring since I got it. A few mins after he proposed, I noticed the side of the opal had a couple tiny chips/scuff on the side, even though it was still beautiful. I asked him if he or his family had dropped it when we received the package in the mail. He said no, which I believe to be true. I know that opal or any other soft stones are not typically ideal for engagement rings that reason, but I am not a reckless person, I take care of my jewelry intensely, plus they sell ring protectors for situations that would require it. Anyhow, I contacted the woman who makes them to see if she could replace the opal (even though I am super sentimental, and didn't wanna really get rid of it). She agreed and I sent the ring back to her the following month. I got my e-ring back in the mail only to be sorely disappointed. :( The new opal was gorgeous, however, the prongs, sides of the head, some of the white topaz, and parts of the opal were covered in epoxy glue. I was only able to scrub some of it off the sides of the head, believe me I tried so hard. :( To top it all off, the opal was sitting incredibly lopsided in the prongs! I cried since I felt my e-ring was ruined and in worse condition than before. Once again, I contacted the woman that makes the rings. She apologized, and said the glue must have crystallized in the mail on the way here. I also suspect she did not give it enough drying time and the opal got pushed lopsided because of that. She offered a 20 percent discount and paid my shipping to return that one back to her, in exchange for a brand new ring. :/ I was hesitant at first since I did not want to part with my original e-ring that my fiance gave me, but then agreed. I sent it back. A couple of weeks later, I get the brand new one. I open the box and see that it is quite gorgeous, then I check for flaws. I suppose I am kind of anal/perfectionist when it comes to my e-ring. However, I notice that this opal has some tiny minute even less noticeable scuffs (no big deal, you can barely see them), but that isn't really the issue. What I noticed, is this opal is a hair lopsided now. Not as bad as the other one, but it's a hair off, and one of the prongs appears to be a hair shorter than the others. Do keep in mind this ring is handmade, so I know that it will have slight imperfections here and there, but that doesn't mean that the opal should be crooked. It doesn't really take away from the beauty of the ring, and I don't think other people will notice unless I point it out to them, but I do notice it. My whole point is, I need some advice from some of you other girls. Have you ever needed to get your center stone straitened out? Did it go well? Were the prong and the stone fine? Do you think I should leave it as is since it isn't terribly bad or get it fixed (at least it seems to be tight and secure in the setting)? Advice and similar stories welcomed. :) Thanks.
I love you Joel R Santos! <3 You are the love of my life!

Re: Enagement ring probs :'( need advice.

  • Sounds exhausting! Sorry you had to go through that. I would go to a few jewelers in person and ask their advice/ get quotes for price. I wouldn't send the ring back to the woman who made it anymore. This is probably the best she can manage. 
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    It sounds like your ring was made in China.  You can get a lot for your money this way, but quality control has been an issue.
    Take it to a real jeweler (not a mall franchise) and ask what can be done to improve your ring.  It will be worth it.
    (PS.  Occasionally rubbing mineral oil will help preserve the opal.)
  • I don't believe the ring is made in China. It is made in Ohio. I do realize that handmade pieces do have imperfections, but the lopsided stone is a little hard to get past. I will see if if I can try to take it to a trusted repair jeweler and see what they tell me. Thank you for your advice girls.
    I love you Joel R Santos! <3 You are the love of my life!
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    There's imperfections, and then there's bad jewelers. Go to a local, trusted pro.

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    My e-ring is an opal too. Take it to a reputable jeweler to have it repaired. This woman clearly doesn't know what she's doing.

  • I agree.
    I love you Joel R Santos! <3 You are the love of my life!
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    I'm sorry that happened to you! Maybe look up jewlers near you and reviews about them too?
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