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just decided to get married 10/4/14

hi ladies
we my fiance and I moved our wedding date from 4/24/15 to 10/4/14 mostly due to family stuff and both our advancing age. lol. i'm almost 40 and would love to start trying sooner than later. this is my second wedding, my first was way back in 2002 so i'm trying to jump in asap.

It's only 50 ppl so i'm trying not to panic. We did secure the venue this weekend for ceremony/reception, i found a dress and it can be here in 1 month. I'm working on photographer, hair/makeup person (most likely my hair dresser). 

My plan next week is to contact a florist, cake (most likely cupcakes), officiant and start looking at bridesmaid dresses. I only have my daughter (10) and best friend plus two guys for my fiance so should be ok.

we're going to sent the save the date email and the wedding website link this week. guess i need to get cracking on invites...i'm reading thru some of ur postings and thinking week of aug 1st for invites, rsvp date of sept 12?

any other suggestions or things i'm missing? 

thanks in advance


Re: just decided to get married 10/4/14

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    Well congratulations!  You are a brave bride to work with such a short timeline but it is definitely possible.  

    Does your venue include catering?  If not I would move that up the priority list along with the florist and officiant -- those three are generally limited in supply and book up.  What about a DJ or other form of entertainment?  Cake/cupcakes and bridesmaids dresses are items that can wait another week or two, IMO, while you get these other big vendors figured out.  

    I agree invites should also be on your radar, probably also above bridesmaids dresses and cake/cupcakes, if you can order in the next two weeks you should be okay to get them back by late July/early August and then send them right out.  As long as your guests are mostly local, 6-8 weeks before the wedding date should be fine I think.  Especially if you are doing some form of save the date.  

    Happy planning!
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    Congrats!  I can definitely relate!  I'm turning 39 in November so we knew when we got engaged a month ago that we would be working on a short timeline so we could start trying as well.  My date is 10/11.  I have all of the big stuff booked and having about the same size wedding as you, so it's definitely doable!  We did a restaurant so we're not doing a lot of traditional wedding elements (no dancing, very short ceremony, no bridal party) so it is a little easier.  I definitely sort of panicked at first in worrying that vendors would already be booked up, but I still had plenty to choose from.  Good luck with all of your planning!  p.s. as far as your invite timeline goes...that sounds exactly like my plan except off by one week due to my date being one week after yours.
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    Congrats and welcome here!!

    As far as trying not to panic, I would just go over some of the wedding checklists - first cross off the items you will not be doing, then go through the checklist and see where you are at.

  • hi ladies thank you for the advice. the venue comes with a caterer and dj so we're ok there. they have a list of approved dj's due to noise restriction. we're meeting end of the month to start planning the menu this week: ordered cupcakes/cake still trying to figure out bridesmaid dresses going to order my dress today next week: florist officiant invites i'm starting to feel better but still overwhelmed..and getting lots of ideas here :D thanks Kat
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