Florist quote way off base?

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When me and FI went to our original florist appointment to pick out flowers we were told she would give us an exact quote once she contacted her wholesaler but we were looking to be around $1000 with delivery and setup. We told her  great and moved on.

The flowers were

6 rose boutonnieres
5 wrist corsages
1 bridal bouquet with roses, calla lilies, orchids, hydrangea, purple stock
2 bridesmaid bouquets with hydrangea, white roses, purple stock
MOH bouquet is same as bridesmaids but with Calla lilies added in
 (none of them were going to be huge just a couple of each flower.)
8 tables with one submerged orchid (I have the vases and floating candles)
3 tall arrangements with white and purple hydrangea, white roses, and purple stock. (I also have the vases for these)

 I pretty much forgot about it until today when I received a phone call from them saying they have my quote and it is $2400.   I told them I didn't understand how that is more than double what they told me it would be, and they didn't give me a reason just basically said it is what it is.

Does this sound like something fishy is going on or just like she was way off with her initial off the top of her head quote? I have looked online at sams club and 50flowers and I can order all the flowers I mentioned above, plus enough leftover to make a couple big arrangements for the ceremony site, a couple flowers on the end of each row of chairs and a bunch of extra orchids I could put around the venue for around 800. It just seems like so much work so close to the wedding..

Any thoughts?

Re: Florist quote way off base?

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    Well prices are really dependent on your location and what she may have thought things were going to cost could have significantly changed due to supply and demand of certain flowers (remember these flowers are grown primarily in South America and if they are having weather issues or crop issues then costs can go up because the demand out weighs the supply).  But having worked in a florist for many years that quote does not seem very off base to me, maybe a little high but not ridiculously high.  You have some expensive flowers going on (hydrangea, orchids, calla lilies) and tall arrangements typically start at $100 and that is for something basic and small, yours probably runs more around $150+.

    You also have to remember that when you go through a florist you aren't just paying for the flowers you are also paying for their labor.  Florists typically mark up their flowers 3 times to cover the costs of overhead and labor.  Did your florist give you a break down of costs? If not, ask for one.
    If you wanted your budget to be $1000 then you need to talk to your florist (go in and talk to them face to face) and tell them that you need to make some adjustments to get the price down to your budget.  And honestly, unless you have some experience arranging flowers or have a shit ton of time on your hands the 3 days leading up to your wedding then DIYing is not really a great idea.

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    That sounds a little high to me. I would definitely ask for a detailed breakdown of the charges. Hopefully your florist will work with you to decrease the costs and stay within your budget!

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  • I knew going in that I had some expensive flowers picked out (fiance just reminded me that we omitted the purple hydrangea when we went that day), and fully expected the estimate to come back a little higher than she quoted. I just wasn't expecting it to be almost 2.5 times more than she said, that's what I thought was "off base".

    She was very short when she called with the estimate, but I could go there and ask for a breakdown tomorrow. Like I said I have ALL the vases and filler and stuff for the arrangements, and the bouquets were only a couple stems each nothing huge. 

    I know it's a ton of work, and my mom, FMIL, and maid of honor all offered to help so I am probably going to DIY the orchids. I can get the ones I want fairly cheap (did a mock run last night and they came out great- were super easy to put together) and hopefully that will save me enough to have the rest taken care of by someone with more time on their hands.
  • Sounds pretty normal to me- maybe a bit on the high end, but nothing crazy.
  • It doesn't sound totally unreasonable for a professional florist.  However, if she cannot work within your budget and you have to go the DIY route...I am getting my flowers from Sam's Club.  There was a store in my area that had an actual florist in the store so she is ordering all the flowers needed and then charging a very small labor fee to actually make all the arrangements for me.  We will pick up the evening before the wedding and it's at least half of what it would have cost me elsewhere.

    Sam's Club also has pre-made arrangements that you can order and have shipped to you before the wedding.  I have read many reviews and brides have been pretty happy with the results it seems.  However, they do not offer every color and you would have to be ok with various shades of pink, ivory etc as you are not there to actually pick out the sahdes.

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