Barn/Farm reception under $5,000 in Lower Bucks County.

I am looking to have my wedding & reception in a farm/barn/rural setting in Bucks County (preferably close the the greater Philadelphia area) for 100-150 people in October 2014. I would really like to have a quick outdoor ceremony (non-denominational, so it'll be pretty short) and a tented or indoor (with a rustic/barn feel) reception. I am open to having a park wedding, but I would prefer a place where I can have the wedding/reception in the same location.

I found a caterer that I like that is about $25 pp, but I can't find a venue that I like where I could set up a tent/tables/chairs and has conveniently located restrooms.

I've looked into:
Holly Hill Estates
Ash Mill Farm
The Stone Barn
Crossing Vineyards
Open Aire Affairs
Tinicum Park - considering, but the bathrooms being away from the barn/dirty was off-putting.

... and what feels like a billion others, and everything seems like it will end up costing $10,000.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Barn/Farm reception under $5,000 in Lower Bucks County.

  • In Montgomery County is Mermaid Lake in Blue Bell.  They have a restored barn for parties and wedding receptions. I think it costs about $250 to rent it. Food is buffet style and depending on what you choose, close to the same cost for food that you mentioned.  At least it was when I went to a work event there. They also have pavillions - indoor and out - with picnic set-ups.  It's not exactly Bucks Co. but it sounds like what you're looking for.  You do have to bring in your own liquor though.  My florist has worked there and she's very budget friendly too.  If you end up there let me know if you need any other local vendors.
  • did you try looking on they have unique venues. i looked on there and found a few places that i considered. finding a venue was the hardest part of planning for me!

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  • @jimbosbride - Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to actually go there and check the place out. I'm not sure if the website just gives off the wrong impression , but it doesn't look very reception-esc. I want rustic/laid back, but not what just looks like a family reunion at a water park where a bunch of strangers might be around.

    @gershpjp - Checked because I saw it mentioned on a lot of the boards. There were some lovely places, but everything is just really expensive. I keep seeing people saying "reasonable" prices and then the place turns out to be $100pp. Reasonable to me (with location fee included) would be about 65 pp.

    I emailed about 20 places yesterday. I wish they would just have a general price pp on their site so I could just see that its out of my price and not waste their time.
  • The barn is not represented on the website very well.  It is an enclosed restored barn with a parking lot across the street.  It is definitely for receptions and indoor parties.  The rest of the place is a camp and for picnics - but the barn does have a bar, guest tables, a buffet room, etc. I would go see it if I were you.

  • How about Rosebank Winery?  When I was looking, I think their smaller room was around $5k and the larger $8K. 

    They definitely have a rustic feel and both rooms are nice, especially the larger room which was recently redone with large windows! 

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  • Oh and they definitely allow you to bring in a caterer. 


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  • @jojo1041982: Thanks for the suggestion. I've check with Rosebank. I don't want to pay $5,000 just to rent a space and then spend another 3,000-9,000 on food. I should have edited my title to be a little more clear. I was more naive when I made this thread thinking it be possible to have a reception for $5,000 (50pp @100 people) without doing a VFW or fire hall.

    I am not putting down VFWs or fire halls, I am actually considering them, because I think spending insane amounts of money on a wedding is not for me. I just had a vision of an outdoor wedding in fall foliage with a rustic barn reception. Apparently all that charm comes with a bigger price tag then I am willing to pay.
  • @geelala my fiance really wanted an outdoor wedding but once we saw the costs it would've ended up costing us at least 10,000 more than we are paying for our indoor, saturday night wedding. the place we considered was $5,000 just for a tent and table and chairs for 5 hours. it's crazy how much things costs once you say "wedding". don't get discouraged, you can still have an amazing wedding with your budget.

    also, one of my close friends is having a fall wedding the night before thanksgiving. it's a wednesday night but she is saving thousands and thousands. not sure if you considered that date, it might help you save some more money.

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  • I would take a look at the Duportail House. You rent the entire house and there is also a barn. The grounds are beautiful! You would be able to bring in your own caterers and things which is a big money saver. Also supplying your own alcohol saves a lot of money.
  • I'm curious what venue you ended up choosing? And who is your caterer for that great cost?!
  • Check out the Elmwood Park Zoo!  Affordable, beautiful, and the staff is very nice & very accommodating!
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