Perfect Fit in Clio, Michigan Absolutely The BEST!!!!

I'm a plus size bride to be and finding a dress is a bit hard, even though I'm losing weight nothing fits right yet and I'm between sizes. I ran across this WONDERFUL shop called "Perfect Fit" in Clio, Michigan. I give this place a 10!! I not only found my dream dress but it's going to be a custom colored dress and my girl Erin who helped me was a complete and utter delight to work with. We laughed we cried and I walked away feeling blessed and content knowing I have a beautiful dress and also wonderful people that took great care of me. My wedding is a peacock theme because I just love the colors and I tried on a peacock feather head piece that I loved. It was marked down from it's original price of $100 to $60. Erin surprised me when I was done shopping that she gave me the head piece at no cost, it was her gift to me!!! How AWESOME is that?!?!?!  They have a beautiful selection of dresses and beautiful prom dresses to boot!! I just am so happy that words can not express to just how happy and in awe I am of this place.

I highly recommend that if you are a plus size bride you will NOT be disappointed in going to this store "Perfect Fit"


Elizabeth Belanger

Re: Perfect Fit in Clio, Michigan Absolutely The BEST!!!!

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    Welcome to TK!  Unfortunately with just one post that is a rave review for a vendor, it looks highly suspicious that YOU are this vendor when I truly suspect you are not.  Can you tell us more about your wedding?  How is the planning coming along so far?

    Also, I strongly suggest your remove your full name from your post.  Internet safety and all. 
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